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Files for movies

Image Formats Macintosh Windows 95 and NT Windows 3.1
QuickTime* QuickTime 2.5 A4QT32.XMO, QuickTime for Windows (32-bit) A4QT.XMO, QuickTime for Windows (16-bit)
Video for Windows (AVI) n/a A4VFW32.XMO, Video for Windows A4VFW.XMO, Video for Windows
MPEG QuickTime v 2.5 or later, QuickTime MPEG Extension v 1.0** or later A4MPEG32.XMO, ActiveMovie 1.0*** or MPEG playback board and software drivers A4MPEG.XMO, MPEG playback board and software drivers
Director See Files for Director movies See Files for Director movies See Files for Director movies

*QuickTime is automatically installed with Macintosh System 7.x and higher.

**The QuickTime MPEG Extension extends the capabilities of QuickTime to allow Power Macintosh computers with QuickTime version 2.5 or later to play MPEG movies.

***ActiveMovie 1.0 enables Windows 95 and Windows NT 4 computers to play MPEG movies without an MPEG card.

When you distribute an Authorware piece, create an Xtras folder in the folder that contains either the run-time application (Runa4w or RunA4M) or the Authorware piece you're distributing (if you packaged it with the run-time). Put the Xtras in the Xtras folder.

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