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Adjunct memory support

For many learning tasks, people need what's called adjunct memory support. Adjunct memory support presents information that's needed to complete a learning task but isn't the focus of the instruction—the value of pi, for example, or a list of detailed procedural steps.

Adjunct memory support

In computer-based training, memory support can be provided through online help or on paper, which can also be carried away and used back on the job. Quick reference cards are a common example of the type of memory support device that can be used both in learning and on the job.

The following example shows a simulation sequence in which learners are asked to perform several steps.

Adjunct memory support in a simulation

Clicking the Steps button in the lower left corner of the screen causes the steps to appear in the window as a reminder. After performing the procedure a few times, most people will no longer need the help. But for new users, such memory support is critical.

Adjunct memory support is the fourth method you can use to create effective multimedia instructional materials:

Keep visible on the screen the information the learner will need to refer to during the instruction, especially to respond to questions.

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