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Multimedia and learning

Given the power of multimedia, it's extremely important that the people who use it for teaching and training start from a solid, thorough understanding of human learning processes. The methods and architectures discussed here can help you create multimedia instructional materials that work.

By keeping them in mind as guidelines, you'll:

Avoid overloading the learner's working memory
Encourage encoding from working memory into long-term memory
Help ensure the learner's ability to retrieve learned information from long-term memory
Depending on your uses of multimedia instruction, you may also be able to apply the cognitive apprenticeship as a model for integrating cognitive principles with the learning of problem-solving skills.

Four prevalent instructional architectures were presented to illustrate the range of instructional designs possible through multimedia. Each architecture has value for specific performance outcomes and learning audiences.

As you continue to work with Authorware, you may very well wish to learn more about instructional methods and instructional design. The more you know, the better you'll be able to realize the full potential of these marvelous tools. The references at the end of the chapter will get you started with some additional reading you can pursue and seminars you can take to learn more about designing and developing effective instructional materials.

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