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ODBC drivers and data sources

Are you considering using ODBC drivers and data sources in your Authorware project? Read this article to help you decide what you need and how to implement the drivers and database you choose.

Using Authorware text styles

A text style is a named group of formatting characteristics that can be applied to any section of text. Whenever you expect to enter a significant amount of text directly in Authorware, using text styles can save you time. This article describes how to create and apply text styles.

Using Macromedia Flash movies in Authorware 5

Modular logic is an approach to Authorware design that allows all the scripts and pieces of the flowline to be reused with a minimal amount of reworking. By limiting the number of changes needed to reuse the logic, you can increase your production efficiency and distribute the creation of logic elements to more team members.

Using QuickTime VR in Authorware

QuickTime VR lets you incorporate virtual reality into your Authorware projects. Rotate objects, zoom in or out, look in any direction, and navigate from one scene to another—all without special hardware. Author Jethro Villegas provides an overview of using the QuickTime 3 Xtra to control QuickTime VR movies.


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