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This article describes how to set up Macromedia Flash movies for use in Authorware 5 and how to configure an Authorware 5 file to use a Flash movie as main menu allowing the user to click Flash buttons to navigate.

Flash is absolutely amazing. It is the perfect medium for the web. Because Flash uses vector-based technology to display images, the Flash file sizes are small in comparison to raster (bitmap) files.

Flash has replaced Director for many users who do not necessarily need rich interactivity, but do need fast-loading movies. Fortunately, we can completely control Flash movies in Authorware 5.0 through the Flash Asset Xtra (Flash Asset.X32).

Of course, as with Quicktime Virtual Reality, we gain much by simply being able to play interactive Flash movies. However, we also have access to the full suite of Flash controls (properties and methods), which allow us to do things such as:

manipulate a Flash movie by scaling and rotating it with full sharpness and clarity
capture events sent by the Flash movie, such as buttons clicked, etc.
pause, play, rewind, restart, or jump to a specific frame of a movie

In this article you will learn:

How to set up a simple movie in Flash and import the movie into Authorware.
How to communicate with a Flash movie in Authorware.
Delivery requirements.
Where to find resources for Flash.
How to create a simple movie in Flash and import it into Authorware
First we describe setting up a Flash movie with the intent of importing it into Authorware through a list of step-by-step instructions.

How to communicate with a Flash movie in Authorware
A Flash movie can generate events that an event response can capture and respond to while an Authorware piece is running. In Flash, you set up a movie to generate an event by creating either a button or a frame that is assigned a Get URL action.

For example, after creating and selecting a button in Flash, you can assign the button an action by choosing Modify > Instance. In the Instance Properties dialog box, select "Get URL" from the Action menu (Plus "+" tab).

The second part of this article describes how to set up an Authorware file so that it communicates with a Flash movie.

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