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Step-by-Step -- Setting up the Flash movie properties in Flash 3

Let's open the example Flash button panel.

1 Open file <flash_menu.fla> from the training directory.

2 Slide the current frame indicator to frame 10 to reveal the buttons.

3 Right-click button 1 and select Properties.

The Instance Properties window will appear on the screen.

4 Click the Action tab.

Notice that the action set is Get#URL and the value is event: blah Button 1 was clicked. This value is sent back to Authorware as an event when clicked to the EventLastMatched property list. Several properties are stored in EventLastMatched . We can check EventLastMatched[#paramListString] to get the actual text passed back.

5 Export this movie.

Any movie to be used with the Authorware 5.0 Flash 2 Asset Xtra must have the Flash 2 option set. Until the Flash 4 Asset Xtra is released, we're limited to playing Flash 2 movies in Authorware.

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