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Step-by-Step -- Bringing the Flash Movie into Authorware 5.0

Now that we've seen how to set up the Flash animation properties, let's open the file <flash_menu.a5p>. This Authorware example is set up to use this Flash movie, trap any button-clicked events, and navigate to a Framework page based on which button was clicked. Let's review the Authorware code. Below is the completed flash_menu.a5p file, but let's re-create the menu step-by-step.

1 From the Insert pull-down menu, select Media and Shockwave Flash Movie.
If the Shockwave Flash Movie selection is not available, make sure the Flash 2 Asset Xtra is located in your Authorware 5.0 Xtras directory.

2 Select Browse in the Flash Asset Properties windows and then find the Flash movie to be used. For this example, select <flash_menu.swf>.

3 Next we will drag a new interaction icon onto the flowline and then attach a map icon onto it. Select Event for the response type and click OK. Double-click the E above the map you've attached to the interaction icon. The Properties: Response window will appear on the screen. You will need to double-click the first line that contains the words "Icon Shockwave Flash Movie" in the Sender box. Next, double-click event and getURL in the Event name box. Click OK.
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