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Authoring and distributing pieces with the QuickTime 3 Xtra

The installation program for the QuickTime 3 Xtra places two Xtras files in your Authorware Xtras folder:

Windows PowerPC Purpose
QuickTime Asset Options.x32   This file provides support for QuickTime 3.0 media while authoring with Authorware. Do not distribute this file with your packaged pieces. This file is not licensed for redistribution.
QuickTime Asset.x32 QuickTime Asset PPC Distribute this file with any packaged pieces you create using the QuickTime 3 Xtra.

For more information about using Xtras and distributing pieces made with them, see "Using Variables, Functions, Xtras, and More" and "Distributing Xtras" in The Authorware 5 Help Pages.

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