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QuickTime media sprite icons

Adding a QuickTime 3 sprite icon to the flowline is the first step in using QuickTime 3 media in your Authorware piece.

To add QuickTime media sprite icon:

1 Place the Paste Hand on the flowline where you want to insert the QuickTime 3 sprite icon.
2 Choose Insert > Media > QuickTime 3.
Authorware opens the QuickTime Xtra Properties dialog box.
3 Locate and select the file you want.
You can select a file in two ways:
To add a file that's on your computer or on a network drive, click the Browse button. Locate the file, select it, and click Open.
To add a file from a location on the Internet, click the Internet button. Type the URL of the file and click OK.
When you finish, you see the pathname or the URL of the file in the Link File field. You can also type the pathname or the URL directly in the Link File field.
QuickTime media is inserted as a linked, external file.
4 Select Playback, Options, Video, and Rate settings.
5 Select Framing options.
QuickTime 3 provides the ability to rotate, scale, and offset a QuickTime movie's image within its sprite's bounding rectangle. You can take advantage of these new features by manipulating the sprite's rotation , scale and translation properties. For more information, look up "Sprite properties" in the index of the Authorware 5 Help Pages.
The Crop and Scale options determine how a movie's image appears within its sprite's bounding rectangle when the movie is rotated, scaled, or offset. When you select Crop, the movie's image appears at its default size, which means that any portions that extend beyond the sprite's rectangle are not visible. When Scale is selected, the movie is scaled to fit inside the bounding rectangle.
The Center property determines whether transformations occur with the QuickTime movie centered within the sprite (when Center is selected) or with the movie's upper-left corner aligned with the sprite's upper-left corner (when Center is not selected).
6 When you finish selecting options, click OK.
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