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Controlling panorama and object movies

When your piece is packaged, users can click and drag on a QuickTime VR sprite without changing the sprite's location in the Presentation window. To avoid moving the sprite unintentionally during authoring, attach a calculation to your QuickTime VR sprite icon and enter the following expression:

Movable := FALSE

To look around in a panoramic movie:

Press the mouse button and drag across the image in the direction you want to look.

To turn objects around in an object movie:

Press the mouse button to grab the object and then move it to see it from many angles.

To zoom in and out of a movie:

Click on the buttons that look like magnifying glasses (one with a "+", one with a "-").
You must have the pointer over the image to zoom in or out.

To move objects that are zoomed-in:

1 Click on the Object Moving button. This works only in object movies.
2 Drag the object to repostion it in the window.
3 Click on the Object Moving button to return to normal viewing.
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