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Finding and using hot spots

Both panoramic and object movies may have hot spots, areas that when clicked cause some other action to occur. Most frequently a hot spot links to another node (another panorama or object movie), but it may also be used to trigger any other action, such as opening a Web page or playing a sound.

There are two ways to tell where hot spots are located:

Move your pointer around the movie image.
When moved over a hot spot, the pointer changes from a bullseye to an upward-pointing "squished" arrow or a pointing hand.
Press the Show Hot Spots button in the movie controller. The button has a question mark above a "squished" arrow.
Hot spots are highlighted with translucent blue rectangles.

If you jump to another node when you click a hot spot, the far left button in the controller becomes active. This is the Hot Spot Return button. Use it to return to the precise view you were at when you clicked the hot spot that took you to the current node.

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