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Authorware 7 Release Notes

Read the Authorware 7.01 Release Notes for more information. The Authorware 7.01 Updater contains fixes for issues identified since the release of Authorware 7.

Authoring Requirements

Authorware 7 authoring is supported on Windows versions XP (preferred), 2000 and 98SE. While the authoring tool will run on other operating systems, it is not officially supported. In all cases, running the authoring tool requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later be installed in the authoring system.

The minimum requirements to play DVD through Authorware are as follows:

  • A properly installed DVD drive, including any OS or manufacturer specific drivers.
  • Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or higher.
  • A Microsoft DirectShow compatible codec (Microsoft DirectShow is a component of Microsoft DirectX).
The most common error when trying to playback DVDs in Authorware is not having a DVD codec (MPEG2) installed, having a non- DirectShow compatible codec installed, or having too many codecs installed. If you do not resolve this issue, DVD playback in Authorware will not work.

A DirectShow compatible codec which works for most users has been available as a free download from .

Another possible issue is the video card installed. If the video card does not have access to enough memory it will not be able to display the DVD video. Possible solutions are to reduce the video resolution or color depth to free up more memory for the DVD video.

The video card must also support overlay mode.

  • Microsoft DirectShow does not support DVD playback on a secondary monitor. The DVD display must be on the primary monitor.
  • The DVDCreate function description incorrectly lists the order of the parameters. The correct order is DVDCreate(WindowLeft; WindowTop; WindowWidth; WindowHeight;"DVDFilename").
  • To add a DVD icon to an Erase icon drag the DVD icon on top of the desired Erase icon. Clicking on the DVD window in the Presentation window will not select the DVD icon for erasure.
  • If using a trial version of WinDVD and the time limit for the trial expires while playing a DVD, Authorware will stop responding.
  • DVD playback is only supported on Windows.


There is an article in the Goodies folder which will be helpful for users experienced with Authorware script, but unfamiliar with JavaScript.

There is an #awCalcIsJavascript property, which is missing from SetIconProperties list in Help.

Macromedia Common User Interface

When the Windows taskbar is set to always on top, an undocked container can be behind the Windows taskbar. When this happens, the panel will not respond to collapse/expand commands, as it is trying to come to the front of the Windows taskbar.

One Button Publishing

Some 3 rd party Xtras do not properly dereference once used in an Authorware file. Once they have been used in a file, One Button Publishing will always think that they are used in the file and will find them during its scan. To prevent the Xtras from being copied or included during publishing, either start from a new file that has not had the 3 rd party Xtras loaded, or deselect the include checkbox for the file on the Publishing Settings File tab.

Microsoft PowerPoint Converter

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 or XP must be installed on the computer doing the conversion. Microsoft PowerPoint should be closed when running the convert command (a dialog tells the user to close PowerPoint).

  • The converter reports any unsupported shapes encountered on conversion of a file. Unsupported shapes for this release include any that require OLE (e.g., audio, video, embedded office documents, and Active X controls). Shape actions and scripts are not supported in this release.
  • Systems using ';' as the list separator require a newer version of the XSL file.
  • The clipboard is in use while the conversion process is occurring, the user cannot copy and paste in other applications while running the converter.
  • PowerPoint text boxes may show text aligned differently than the alignment settings in PowerPoint would indicate. If the text settings in PowerPoint are not truly as desired, the text will need to be corrected in Authorware.
  • The proportions of PowerPoint file affect the resulting import in the Authorware file. This is the correct behavior, but may not seem obvious. For example, authoring a PowerPoint file at 500x300 and importing it into Authorware at 1024x768 will cause objects to shift, to match the new proportional settings.

Import/Export XML

  • Import XML will not re-link files (images, sound and movies) that were external to the original piece when Exported.
  • Import always requires a new file.
  • Text objects in a display icon always appear below other items inside the same display icon. If you enter a text on top of a square in the original file, the text will be below that square after import.
  • Import/Export cannot export or re-create libraries. The structure of the file is preserved, but not the library links. Thus, icons that were linked to a library are inserted as empty unlinked icons.
  • The properties found under the Text tab of the Interaction Text Field dialog are not recreated after Import.
  • The button Label field and the ActiveIf field must be 'touched' before they are active after import. The values imported are correct.
  • Calculation icons with references to external functions are commented out and colored.
  • Erase icons which are linked to erase text entry fields or pulldown menus do not get correctly relinked.
  • Since both embedded variables and RTF text formatting both use curly braces, embedded variables lose their curly braces on Export. For example, {myvar} becomes myvar.


The documentation for the Learning Management System Knowledge Objects can be found in the Goodies folder on the Authorware CD.

The documentation for the Macintosh Packager will be installed with the Packager.

The printed and online help documentation erroneously refer to Trace window features which do not exist. The Trace window does not include a tree view. There are no traceStart, traceStop, and traceWait functions. The Trace() function does take several new arguments, which are described correctly in the Functions panel description window.

Many of the code samples in the Help system use apostrophes instead of quotes in the script samples. This is incorrect in the scripting language and will result in an error message if the sample scripts are copied/pasted into a calculation icon.

The size of the text displayed in the Help system is based on the text size setting for Microsoft Internet Explorer installed on the system. Changing the Text Size setting under the View menu of Internet Explorer will affect the size of the text in the Authorware Help system.