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  • Download24 Points

    Use Authorware's target area interaction to create a drag-and-drop math game.

  • DownloadAltimeter

    Simulate an altimeter.

  • DownloadAnimated Buttons

    Create animated buttons that you can script to behave in various ways.

  • DownloadAscii

    Create pseudo-animation using character strings.

  • DownloadBar Graph

    Create a bar graph.

  • DownloadCalculator

    Build a simple calculator.

  • DownloadCatch It

    Use Authorware's Overlapping function.

  • DownloadClock

    Create a clock in Authorware.

  • DownloadCubes

    How to use Authorware's line functions to draw three dimensional objects.

  • DownloadDice roll

    Rolling 3D dice.

  • DownloadDouble Click Selection

    Set up overlapping double-click and single-click response areas in a single interaction.

  • DownloadDrag and Drop Interactions

    Set up target area responses for a drag-and-drop interaction.

  • DownloadDraw Menu

    Dynamically create a graphical menu from the contents of an external text file.

  • DownloadEncryption

    Create a simple encryption routine.

  • DownloadFind CD

    Determine the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive.

  • DownloadFlash in ActiveX

    Use the ActiveX control to get messages from a Flash 3 movie into an Authorware piece.

  • DownloadHangman

    Create a hangman game.

  • DownloadJigsaw

    Create a jigsaw puzzle.

  • DownloadKeyboard

    Create a self-adjusting, on-screen keyboard.

  • DownloadLayering Text Entry Fields

    Use the system variable EntryText to simulate a text entry response on a layer higher than 0, the default layer.

  • DownloadLink to Win Help

    Create links from an Authorware file to a WinHelp file.

  • DownloadLists

    The Lists example on the Authorware 4 CD-ROM incorrectly refersto a ValueAtProperty function. The text with the incorrect information has been removed in this example. Text describing how to retrieve a value using shorthand has been added.

  • DownloadLockdown

    Set the Movable property of all the icons in a file.

  • DownloadMagnify

    Enlarge and shrink a graphic.

  • DownloadMarching Ant Marquee

    Create a selection marquee.

  • DownloadMemory Game

    Build a memory game.

  • DownloadMorse Code

    Create a Morse code generator.

  • DownloadMovie Controls

    Create a pause/resume button and a progress bar that the user can drag to fast forward and rewind any movie (including AVI, MOV, MPEG and FLC/FLI files).

  • DownloadOrbit

    Control layers to give the appearance of one graphic passing infront of and behind another object.

  • DownloadPicture Box Game

    Create a picture box game.

  • DownloadPie Chart

    Draw a pie chart based on variable values.

  • DownloadPiston

    Create a piston animation.

  • DownloadPop-up Glossary

    Create a glossary with a movable pop-up. The definitions for the glossary are kept in an external text file.

  • DownloadRadio Buttons

    Create a set of radio buttons that let the user choose one item from a group of several items

  • DownloadRat Maze

    A maze game.

  • DownloadRealPlayer

    Use the properties, methods, and events of the RealPlayer Control for ActiveX inside Authorware.

  • DownloadRight and Left Click

    Create a hot spot that responds to both left and right mouse clicks.

  • DownloadRotating Graphic

    Let the user rotate a graphic.

  • DownloadScreen Capture

    Capture part of the screen and display it in Authorware.

  • DownloadScreen Saver

    Using the TimeOutGoto function of Authorware, create a screen saver.

  • DownloadScrolling Checklist

    Create a scrolling checklist.

  • DownloadScrolling List Box

    Create a scrollable, highlighting list box.

  • DownloadSmart Glossary

    Use the FindText and FoundPageID functions to set up a hot text style that jumps from any term to its definition.

  • DownloadSnake

    Create a game in which the snake grows longer if you direct it to food using arrow keys.

  • DownloadTabbed Buttons

    Use the Button Editor to create buttons that simulate the tabs on file folders.

  • DownloadTicker Tape

    Simulate a ticker tape.

  • DownloadTool Palette

    Create a movable tool palette in Authorware. A tool palette allows for quick selection of items without blocking much of the screen.

  • DownloadTool Tips

    Set up tool tips, those little yellow reminders that pop up after a second when the cursor is over a tool button.

  • DownloadVariable Button Labels

    Place variable text over a button.

  • DownloadWindow Resize

    Make a Presentation window the user can resize.

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