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The Authorware Web Player can send data to a server-side database with the PostURL function. This article describes how to collect, transfer, and record data to a database located at a remote location on a network.

You need to use software on the server to connect a database to the Internet. This type of software is often referred to as "middleware" because it functions in between the server and the client. Examples include Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) and Cold Fusion. The client in this case is the Authorware Web Player.

The topics in this article cover the following procedures:

Setting up a data source on the server with database software and ODBC.
Setting up the middleware to connect the data source to the network.
Collecting the data that you wish to track using Authorware variables.
Using the PostURL function to transfer the data back to the server.

See Developing for the Web: A Primer for more information about creating web-packaged Authorware pieces.

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