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Transferring data using Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion Application Server is a platform for building and deploying dynamic web sites and applications that eliminates the need to create complicated CGI scripts. It works with any major web server on Windows or Solaris. For information about full-featured and trial versions of the Cold Fusion Application Server, visit the Allaire web site.

As mentioned in the previous section, the URL_string variable contains the location of the file used by Cold Fusion to communicate with the database. The file, InsertAction.CFM , contains the Cold Fusion instructions to insert the tracked data into the database on the server. Add the following statements to the InsertAction.CFM file to insert the contents of the Username , Password , and Score variables into the database:

<CFQUERY DATASOURCE="aw5quiz" name="">
VALUES ('#Form.username#',

Only the username, password, and score are passed back to the server to minimize the number of transactions that the server needs to execute. Cold Fusion takes care of inserting the values into the username, password, and score fields in a database table named Quiz1. The Quiz1 table is defined in the data source named aw5quiz.

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