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Get the Authorware Web Player

Get the latest Authorware Web Player, which allows you to view Authorware applications online.

Distribute the Authorware Web Player

You can distribute the Authorware Web Player free of charge. To distribute the player, you will need to complete an online Distribution Agreement. Find out more about Authorware Web Player Distribution, formerly known as the Shockwave Authorware Distribution.

Tutorials and Articles

Authorware Web Player AutoInstall

By incorporating an autoinstall button on your site, your users can automatically receive the appropriate version of the Authorware Web Player. This article outlines the steps you need to follow to implement autoinstall on your site.

Developing for the Web: A primer

If you've never created an Authorware piece for the Web, start with the steps outlined in this article. You'll learn how to package a piece for the Web, add it to an HTML page, and configure your Web server to play Authorware pieces.

The EMBED tag

Learn how to implement your Authorware pieces on the Web.


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