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Easy AutoInstall: Pointing users to Macromedia

The easiest way to allow your users to autoinstall the Authorware Web Player is to place this button on your site:

When users click the button, the appropriate version of the Authorware Web Player is downloaded and installed for them.

For the code you need to link the button to Macromedia's web site, see Powered by Shockwave.

Once you've linked the button to Macromedia's web site, you're finished. Macromedia does the rest.

You can also rehost the Authorware Web Player on your own website, using all or part of the AutoInstaller. Licensing and redistribution is free, but we do require you to fill out the online Web Player Distribution Agreement.

On the Authorware 5.1 CD, the AutoInstaller is in the Authorware\Web Players\Autoinstaller folder. There are "full" and "minimal" versions available. The AutoInstallers are contained in .zip files which have installers for the Windows and Mac versions of the Web Player, as well as the ActiveX (Internet Explorer .cab files), plugin (.exe) installers, and one-button .jar file installers for Netscape.

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