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Setting up the download page

Download.htm is the page where the autoinstallation process begins. You can use the default Download.htm page that's in the Autoinstall folder, or replace that page with a download page of your own:

If you use the default Download.htm page, you don't need to edit anything unless you change the location of the contents of the Autoinstall folder. See Editing the JavaScript code.
If you create your own download page, you should start by modifying the default Download page. See Creating a new download page.

Creating a new download page

1 Open Download.htm in Dreamweaver or another HTML editor.
2 Edit the contents of the file.
  Add images and text using your HTML editor. Make sure that the image file Autoapw.gif is in the same folder as the page you're creating, or change the path in your HTML file.
3 Edit the JavaScript code in the Download.htm file if needed.
  See Editing the JavaScript code.
4 Save the HTML file with a new name.
  You can name the HTML file you create anything you want. Replace Download.htm with the new HTML file.
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