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Customizing the HTMLfiles

In addition toDownload.htm, the autoinstallation process uses three other HTML pages whenit downloads JAR files:

Begin.htmprovides feedback to users as the autoinstallation process downloads theJAR files.
Done.htmis downloaded at the end of the installation process. This page launchesa web-packaged Authorware example file.
Error.htmdisplays error messages about problems that occur during the download orinstallation process.

If you changethe name or location of any of these files, change the corresponding variable( gBeginPage , gDonePage ,or gErrorPage )in Download.htm. See Editing the JavaScript code.

Customizing Begin.htm
If you create anew Begin.htm page, place the following line of code in the <HEAD> section of the new HTML page:

<script src="status.js" language="JavaScript"></script>

Customizing Done.htm
If you create anew Done.htm page, place the following code in the <HEAD> section of the new HTML page:

<p>When the download of the Authorware Web Player is complete, an animation will appear below. </p>
<p><OBJECT CLASSID="CLSID:15B782AF-55D8-11D1-B477-006097098764"
<PARAM name="src" VALUE="test/cabload.aam">
<PARAM name="PALETTE" VALUE="background">
<EMBED height=80 width=320 src="test/cabload.aam" palette="background" pluginspage="
If you change theexample file, change Cabload.aam in the preceding code to the name of the newfile. Also change the path if necessary. The "awswaxf" and "5,0,0,59"strings above are for use with the "full" installer. If you are usingthe "minimal" installer, use "" and "5,0,0,58"instead. See Changing the example file.

Customizing Error.htm
If you create anew Error.htm page, place the following code in the <BODY> section of the new HTML page:

<SCRIPT src="status.js" LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
<!-- Hide from stupid browsers
var errormsg = getarg();
document.writeln(`<html><head></head><body bgcolor="#ffffff">');
document.writeln(`h1 align="CENTER">Installation Error.</h1>');document.writeln("<blockquote><h3>" + errormsg + " </h3></blockquote>");
document.writeln( "</body></html>" );//Stop hiding -->
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