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Web-packaging a piece and adding it to an HTML page

Packaging a piece for the web is a simple process as long as the piece itself is simple. If you're trying to do something more sophisticated, the process is somewhat more complex.

In "Streaming, Intranets, and the Web," click "Creating an Authorware piece for the web." Read:

Packaging a piece for the web

"Packaging a piece for the web" covers the basic steps for web-packaging a piece, adding the packaged piece to an HTML page, and configuring your web server.

You'll need more than just the basic steps if you do any of the following:

Tailor a web-packaged piece. You may need to edit the map file that Authorware Web Packager creates.

Click "Authorware Web Packager map files." Read:

Map files

"Map files" gives you an overview of the many ways you can tailor a web-packaged piece. Before you edit a map file, read all the topics in "Authorware Web Packager map files" so you understand what you can do and how to go about it.

Use external files. You need to provide users not just with the web-packaged piece, but with any external media files, Xtras, and custom functions that the piece uses. (For more information about external files, see Using external files.)

Click Main Menu, then "Authoring Basics." In the list of contents that appears in the left frame, click "Distribution basics." Read:

Determining which files you need to distribute

Tailor the HTML code. You may be developing for a target audience all of whom use the same browser—or not. You may know that everyone in your target audience has Authorware Web Player installed—or not. The nature of your target audience in many ways defines the HTML code you use.

In "Streaming, Intranets, and the Web," click "Creating an Authorware piece for the web." Read:

Using EMBED to add a web-packaged piece to a web page
Using the Authorware Web Player Control for ActiveX

Both topics contain code samples you can copy.

Click "Making the most of streaming." Read:

Working with non-streaming browsers

Also read these two articles in the Authorware Support Center:

Authorware Web Player AutoInstall

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