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Fireworks CS6 update to improve Mac 10.8 platform compatibility and resolve usability bugs.

The latest update to Adobe Fireworks CS6 includes Mac 10.8 platform compatibility, performance and stability improvements. There are several usability improvements in the CSS Properties panel.

Fireworks CS5 11.0.2 Updater

This update includes several important bug fixes to improve stability. It resolves the following issues:

  • Fix Crash bugs for Photoshop Live Effects, vector tools, Layer naming and editing pages, asynchronous saving, editing Symbol with blank symbol name, and others.
  • Improve "Out of Memory" situation.
  • Improve 8-bit color optimization.
  • Fix extra addition of '_s1' slice naming issues.
  • Sticky for Save as location.
  • Other Bug fixes.

Fireworks CS4 10.0.4 updater for Mac OS X

4/28/10 This update to Adobe® Fireworks® CS4 software fixes all known crash and data loss bugs, and in general improves stability for users running Fireworks CS4 on Mac OS X. The Snow Leopard crash on quit problem has also been fixed. We recommend that all Fireworks CS4 Mac users install this updater.

For all languages:

Fireworks CS4 10.0.3 updater

5/06/09 This update to Adobe Fireworks CS4 software greatly improves stability for users running Fireworks CS4 on both Mac OS and Windows. A number of issues have been addressed in this release, including bugs that caused text to shift. Several bugs that occurred when copying and pasting text from Microsoft Office (2007/2008) applications have also been fixed. Full Release Notes are available.

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Adobe AIR 1.5 update for Fireworks CS4

5/06/09 This update for Fireworks CS4 supports the release of Adobe AIR® 1.5, the cross-operating system runtime that allows you to deliver personal, interactive experiences to the desktop. Fireworks CS4 adds the capability for users to create and share the design and functionality of an AIR application before effort is spent on coding.

Installing the update does not affect the core Fireworks functionality. Only the AIR file creation feature is upgraded. The update is available in both English and Japanese.

Note: In the Japanese version, the menu item Create Air File is not translated.

For more information about this update, read the FAQ.

Adobe Fireworks CS3 (1.0) updater

9/5/07 This product updater provides the following fixes:

  • Improved nine-slice scaling support
  • Alien Skin Eye Candy plug-in improvement
  • Full support for ActionScript® 3.0 events
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Download the Fireworks CS3 (1.0) updater in the following languages:

Fireworks MX 2004 (7.0.2) updater

3/02/04 This product updater resolves issues identified in Fireworks MX 2004. The updater fixes bugs in all language versions of Fireworks MX 2004. All users running Fireworks MX 2004 7.0 or 7.0.1 may apply this updater, regardless of location or operating system. This updater will update Fireworks MX 2004 to version 7.0.2. Full Release Notes are available.

Note: You can check your product version number from within Fireworks by selecting Help > About Fireworks. on Windows and Fireworks > About Fireworks on Mac OS.

Important: Do not uninstall Fireworks to add this updater. The updater installs over your current version.

For all languages:

Fireworks 4.0.2 updater

The Fireworks 4.0.2 updater fixes several problems found with Fireworks 4 after its release. It also includes a fix for a bug in the batch processing feature that produces an error if you try to perform a batch process using Scale to Size and set either the height or width to Variable. To resolve this problem, download and run the installer. To use the updater, you must first purchase and install a full version of Fireworks 4.