Macromedia HomeSite Release Notes

HomeSite+ 5.2 Release Notes

Important notices if you are upgrading from HomeSite+

  • The Toolbars and Resource Windows customization that was removed in HomeSite+ has been added back in HomeSite+ 5.2.
  • In this updater, file properties in the Files tab and size calculation functionality in the image tag editor have been restored for GIF files.
  • System Requirements

    • Intel Pentium-compatible processor, Pentium II or higher recommended
    • Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000 Professional/XP Professional, Home
    • Internet Explorer 4.5 or higher
    • 64 MB of available RAM, 128 MB recommended
    • 40 MB of free hard disk space
    • 800 x 600, 256-color display
    • CD ROM Drive for packaged version

    Installing and Uninstalling

    Once you install HomeSite+ 5.2, uninstalling it will remove files from your HomeSite+ installation and you have to reinstall HomeSite+.

    Installation Wizard Known Issue

    After uninstalling, the InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog may appear, indicating that installation has completed instead of uninstallation. [29633]

    Installation log

    If you have installation problems, the HomeSite52Plus.log file, which is installed in the WinNT root directory, can be a valuable source of information for troubleshooting the installation routine. You can attach it to email sent to our Support staff.

    Fixed Issues in HomeSite+ 5.2

    • The steps to changing the order in which Resource Windows appear has changed. To modify the order, right click on any of the Resource Windows and choose "Organize..."
    • 12096 - Spell checker is now updated if the document is edited directly during a spell check so remaining errors are correctly highlighted.
    • 48980 - (Fixed) Search and replace now works when CR/LFs are embedded in the search string.
    • 27351 - Many areas now properly handle embedded tags (e.g. <TD align="center" <CFIF client.registered>bgcolor="green"<CFELSE>bgcolor="red"</CFIF>). Affected areas are:
      1. Collapse Full Tag
      2. Select Full Tag
      3. Find Matching Tag
      4. Tag Editors
      5. Tag Inspectors' tag tree (when selecting a node while holding ctrl, the entire tag is selected in the Editor.
    • 28007 - The Application.ProjectManager object in Homesite 5.0 was incorrectly surfaced as the Application.Project object, thus conflicting with the documentation. A synonym object called ProjectManager has now been surfaced. The Application.Project object still remains for backwards compatibility. Also note that several ProjectManager methods which return VB/JScript compatible variant arrays were not returning string elements properly leading to a VB/JScript runtime "type mismatch" error. This has also been corrected. The following methods exhibited this behavior:
      1. ProjectManager.FolderList
      2. ProjectManager.FolderAllFiles
      3. ProjectManager.DeployServerList
      4. ProjectManager.DeployScriptList
    • 28338 - Edit -> Convert Tag Case no longer converts the DOCTYPE nor attribute values within single or double quotes.
    • 28406 - Selecting results from an Extended Find should now highlight the correct match even if the document had been modified (unless the match has been removed from the document).
    • 48829 - (Fixed) In order to get Perforce to work with the source control API, house any projects you want to map to source control under your c:\depot client directory and add them to Perforce first.
    • 30023 - Regular Expressions can now be used to remove text in Extended Search and Replace by leaving "Replace with" blank. This previously failed with the "Regular expression matched the empty string" error.
    • 31107 - Fixed incorrect text highlighting in the Editor when using Spell Check's 'Change All'
    • 38933 - Removed access violations and other strangeness that often occurred when opening multiple search and replace results.
    • 46476 - The "Add Folder" project menu item was incorrectly disabled for project subfolders under certain circumstances. You can now create project subfolders at will.
    • 46494 - In the Files resource window, if you right-mouse clicked on an image and selected "Insert as Link" from the popup menu, an image tag was incorrectly inserted instead of an <A> anchor tag.
    • 47181 - If you made changes to any of the Validator Settings (adding/removing tags, versions, attributes, etc.) and clicked OK, the validator settings changes were committed even if you clicked Cancel on the outer Settings dialog box. A rollback now occurs on the underlying validator VTML files if you opt to cancel out of the general Settings dialog box.
    • 47200 - Accessibility: The Validator Settings tabbed dialog is composed of several Visual C++/MFC based dialogs which follow the Control Panel/Display/Effects options. One of these options, "Hide Keyboard Navigation Indicators Until I Use the Alt Key" is on by default. You won't see the accelerators until you press the ALT key at least once unless you turn this option off.
    • 47326 - Several wizard navigation bugs were fixed in the Deployment Wizard.
    • 47383 - Fixed Access Violation that often occurs when canceling out of the "New Profile" (Options -> Settings -> Codesweepers) dialog.
    • 47894 - In Validator Version settings, if you attempted to delete a newly added Version Family, an access violation occurred.
    • 47981 - An issue existed with Mozilla 1.0 as the external browser and temporary file paths generated. Mozilla 1.0 requires a "file://" prefix to browse local files. This issue has been resolved.
    • 48065 - The HTML tag dialog option "Quote all attributes" now defaults to the value of the "Insert numeric values surrounded by quotes" setting (Settings -> Markup Languages).
    • 48068 - If Tag Validation was turned on and you modified the Validator settings Access Violations would sometimes occur
    • 48198 - In Project RDS server properties, if you unchecked the "Prompt for password" option on the RDS server properties, the option would become checked again after exiting and restarting Homesite+.
    • 48201 - Corrected end tag output for XHTML tag dialogs. Only those tags that are declared as EMPTY in the XHTML DTD can have the shorthand end tag syntax (e.g. <br />).
    • 48421 - In Homesite 5.2 Beta 1 a bug was introduced which would cause the internal validator VTML files to become corrupted if you checked/unchecked any of the existing validator entries on the first page of the Validator settings.
    • 48456 - Increased the font size to the help pages for "Tag Definitions."
    • 48542 - Fixed broken links in VTML documentation.
    • 48557 - Repeat last tag should no longer insert the last tag's content.
    • 48558 - Text selection is now restored when selecting text and surrounding it with a tag using a Tag Editor.
    • 48627 - Some help documents (i.e. Help\Using_HomeSite\configure.html) display a button labeled "View comments on LiveDocs" when using certain versions of Netscape as the internal or external browser. The HTML is commented out in the file but Netscape renders it anyway and ignores this commented out code. Please disregard this button.
    • 48696 - A new HTML template (found in File -> New) is included in this release for creating UTF-8 documents. The template contains a tag specifying the document as UTF-8 and has been saved using the UTF-8 format.
    • 48707 - Tag insight for special characters is now case-sensitive to typed symbols.
    • 7550 - The red mark that underlines spelling errors is removed when the error is corrected.
    • 8699 - Accessibility: Copy and Paste via CTRL-C/CTRL-V are now available for local files from the Files tabs (with the exception of root files of local drives).
    • 9006 - Fixed problems with using 'Strip Outermost Tag' on comments
    • 12908 - If a username/password combination fails for remote deployment (FTP or RDS) the deployment process will now gracefully cancel instead of making repeated attempts to upload all of the rest of the files in the project.
    • 30175 - Fixed "Set document as XHTML" issues. Existing DOCTYPE declarations are now located and used when appropriate. Any code preceding the declaration is now left intact.
    • 30193 - If you attempted to save to a remote FTP folder that had the same name as one of Homesite's own subfolders, files would be incorrectly saved to the local folders instead of the remote folder.
    • 45792 - If you added a new FTP folder while editing a remote document, subsequent saves of the document would attempt to save them to the newly created folder, not their original location.
    • 23425 - Files tab lower pane View>Titles menuitem should be disabled (or better yet, removed) for remote files
    • 27351 - Code doesn't collapse for a template that embeds a tag
    • 47848 - It isn't obvious that the browser listed first will be the default browser in the Configure External Browser dialog box
    • 47932 - The "Deployment Wizard" dialog box doesn't render correctly under large fonts
    • The process of customizing Resource Window and Toolbar positioning has changed dramatically. Drag and dock/float is no longer supported. To customize these features perform the following:
      1. To move the Resource Windows choose a position from the "Move to" context menu (right mouse click) item in the Resource Window you wish to move. The default order of the Resource Windows cannot be changed, but they can be docked to the top, bottom, right or left of the application. KNOWN ISSUE: Files 1, Files 2, Projects and Tag Inspector Resource Windows cannot be docked to top or bottom.
      2. To move toolbars from their default locations, you can either a) choose a position from the toolbar's "Move to" menu item or b) go to Options-Customize, uncheck the toolbar from its current position, choose the new position from the "Toolbar Position" drop-down selection and check the toolbar that you want to move. The QuickBar can be undocked and moved to a floating position, but individual QuickBar toolbars must be docked to the top, bottom, right or left of the application. KNOWN ISSUE: Toolbars docked to the left, right or bottom will go out of view when there is no more room on the docking frame.
    • We have added a new check box in the FTP & RDS settings dialog that allows a user to specify to always use binary transfer with FTP. The product makes the assumption to use ASCII with certain file extensions. By checking the new check box ("Always use binary for FTP transfer") this assumption is bypassed and these files are transferred in binary mode in both directions (upload & download). We have specifically added this feature to handle Unicode file transfers which are otherwise altered and rendered unusable by FTP transfer. This should affect both the feature docs and the release notes dealing with work arounds and warnings about Unicode transfers. [28519]
    • File Extension Manager - The new File Extension Manager makes it easier to organize the different file types supported in HomeSite 5.2. To open it, go to Options > Settings > File Settings > Extension Manager.
    • The File Extension Manager panel contains five columns:

      1. The Group Name column shows the file type names that display in the dropdown list of a files in dialog boxes.
      2. The Extensions column lists the extensions in that group.
      3. Selecting a file group in the Editable column means that HomeSite will open those files in the editor.
      4. Selecting a file group in the Image column tells HomeSite to treat that file group as an image file - the file will not open in the editor. Selecting a file group in the Image column clears the group in the Editable column. Both checkboxes for a group may be cleared.
      5. The In Filter column determines how the group name displays in the right-click Filter menu in the files pane on the Files tab.

      To set filter options:

      1. Selecting both the Editable and In Filter checkboxes displays the group name when you set the Web Documents filter on the Filter menu.
      2. Selecting both the Image and In Filter checkboxes displays the group name when you set the Web Images filter on the Filter menu.
      3. All group names selected in the In Filter column, display in the All Web Files list. This is handy if you want to add file types, such as .zip or .swf, in the File Extension Manager and display them as web files.

      Managing file extensions:

      1. Click Add and complete the entries in the dialog box to add an extension group.
      2. Select a group row and click Edit to modify the extensions, using standard file wild cards, such as * and ?. Separate entries with a comma.
      3. Select a group row and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change its position in the list.
    • 5918 - In the "Configure External Browsers" option dialog, the topmost browser was always treated as the default browser for the F11 Browse hot key. A "Default" label has been added to the first browser selection in the list to make this clearer.
    • 7978 - VTML file browsers now respect the "Display current folder in file dialogs" setting when accessed from an unsaved document.
    • 9561 - Fixed incorrect code insertion that resulted from selecting "Convert Lines to Ordered List/Unordered List/Table" when the selection begins on a line containing other text or tags.
    • 10646 - When adding help bookmarks any special characters in the document's title are now correctly converted.
    • 11855 - Fixed tag editor's file browser open dialog from incorrectly disabling the "Open" button.
    • 13722 - It the root node of a Project was assigned a top level deployment folder, 550 errors would be displayed on the remote directory creation attempts, even though the file deployment process would internally create the remote folders on the copy attempt. It made it appear that the deployment failed when only the initial directory creation attempts were what failed. The folder will get created if user has write access to the server root.
    • 14262 - Backspace key now functions properly when Tag Insight is visible.
    • 14464 - LinkBot 5.0 now successfully communicates with HomeSite 4.5 projects. Earlier versions of LinkBot will not work with HS 4.5 projects.
    • 14816 - In the Deployment Wizard, if a directory was specified for the Deployment Logging and the directory did not exist, running the script would cause an error message to appear and leave an hourglass cursor.
    • 17636 - An Access Violation would occur if you attempted to validate JSP files created by the Drilldown wizard.
    • 18190 - When opening files through RDS, if a file is zero bytes in length the RDS server would return a "Unknown Error". This is due to the empty file. This only happens for Cold Fusion 5 and lower versions. It does not happen for ColdFusion MX (Neo).
    • 18882 - In the Codesweeper Tag Specific options the two "Strip tag from document" and "(Strip End tag only)" options are mutually exclusive.
    • 20551 - When saving Extended Search results to a file, if the file already existed there was no prompt to overwrite. You will now be presented with a Yes/No confirmation dialog.
    • 20810 - The Files tabs in HomeSite now behave more like Windows Explorer when attempting to delete read only files. If you attempt to delete a read only file or group of files you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.
    • 21594 - Fixed the 'out of memory bug' that would occur when doing multiple deployments of a large project.
    • 22667 - Codesweeper log files for Macromedia Codesweeper and HTML Tidy Codesweepers: The edit controls now include folder browse buttons.
    • 23142 - The sample syntax editor on the "Edit Color Coding Scheme" dialog is now keyboard accessible. Using the arrow keys selects the correct tag group in the Elements list.
    • 23821 - Keyboard accessibility has been improved on the External Browsers dialog
      25030 - Added a validator warning for deprecated LI attributes TYPE, START, VALUE, COMPACT
    • 25981 - If any of the Validator configuration files (Versions.vtv, ValueMap.vtv, Validator.vtv) became corrupted 0 byte files, an AV would occur when the validation engine would attempt to load them. This has been fixed. The validation rules loader portion of the engine has also been optimized for speed and should run approximately 50% faster with this release.
    • 26067 - Accessibility: Tab order problems were fixed for the Versions tab of the Validator Settings.
    • 26823 - Homesite 5 introduced a new feature, the ability to "Hot Deploy" files and folders by right clicking in the project tree. This "quickie deploy" method would allow rapid updates to web sites without having to set up remote servers and deployment scripts. There was a problem however in the way the remote deployment path would be calculated which would result in some file targets as being calculated as "C:\MySiteMyFile.htm" instead of "C:\MySite\MyFile.htm". A missing slash was added to alleviate this infrequent problem.
    • 27649 - "Open from web" now works with IE Bookmarks.
    • 27661 - The "Verify Project with Linkbot" feature ceased to function with Homesite 5.0 if an older version of Homesite was not previously on the machine. This is due to the registry key dependencies and the migration to the Macromedia registry key hive.
    • 28211 - The Table Wizard's table designer is now keyboard accessible. Use the arrow keys to move the cell selection when the designer has the focus.
    • 28279 - Selecting "Esc" or "Ctrl-F1" in the Tag Editor/Tag Chooser/Expression Builder's popup help now closes the window.
    • 28512 - Fixed error that occurs when "Display current folder in file dialogs" (Options -> Settings -> General) is NOT set and the last accessed folder has been moved or deleted. The dialog now opens in the moved/deleted folder's parent. If not parents exist the default application path is opened.
    • 28760 - Added key accelerators for the Wizard's "Back", "Next", "Finish", and "Close" buttons.
    • 28889 - "Edit Current Tag" will now always appear at the top of the Editor's context sensitive menu.
    • 28955 - When you add new tags via the Validator Settings tree, you can now enter them in mixed case with the exception of XHTML tags which are always converted to lowercase.
    • 29596 - Fixed incorrect ordering and removal of clipboard items when the 13th, 14th, and 15th items were added to the clipboard list.
    • 29654 - Single file deployment filename display problem: The target file would occasionally show up with extra '/' characters in them in the deployment confirmation dialog.
    • 29960 - In the validator, certain CFML context checks were not displaying proper error messages. For example, a lone tag without an outer tag was producing the following error message:The tag "cfinput" is only allowed within ""instead of the correct message:The tag "cfinput" is only allowed within "cfform".This has been fixed.
    • 30004 - Column widths in the Files Tab are preserved at all times, even when changing from a remote folder to a local one or vice versa.
    • 30065 - File By File Deployment scripts generated would not work for local/network mapped drive based deployment. Fixed.
    • 30268 - Fixed Replace All from replacing items more than once when starting the search somewhere other than the top of the document and selecting "yes" to "Continue search at beginning of document".
    • 30859 - There was a bug in the attribute parsing. The tab char was not being recognized as a delimiter. Fixed.
    • 31578 - Deployment FTP Server Properties: The Use SSL checkbox property which was added in Homesite 5.0 was not being stored to the project .APF file properly. Subsequent opens of the project file would incorrectly set it on even if it was unchecked in the FTP server properties dialog. This yielded benign but annoying messages for non SSL aware servers.
    • 33321 - Fixed Access Violation that occurred when Quickbar is toggled off and choosing "Restore to Defaults" in Options | Customize.
    • 34515 - Using Search and Replace in the "Up" direction now works correctly when it reaches the top and is continued from the bottom of the document.
    • 37740 - Fixed error in Projects: "List Index Out of Bounds (-1)" Error if nothing is selected in the "Choose Source Control Provider" dialogue box.
    • 39812 - In the settings tree keyboard accessibility has been enhanced for browsing through the various codesweeper profiles.
    • 46477 - When no project was currently active, the "Verify Links" project menu option was active.
    • 46653 - Due to patent issues with Unisys, GIF image rendering had to be removed from Homesite. GIF image filters were removed from the Image Map file browse dialog. Note that you can also turn this off in the Extension Manager (Options-Settings).
    • 46931 - "Open from Web..." now works with Netscape 6's bookmarks.
    • 46947 - Netscape 6.2 and/or Mozilla 1.0 can now be fully used as the internal browser in Homesite. In order for either of these to work you must register the internal ActiveX control associated with each product, Mozctlx.dll. To do this follow these steps:1. Open a DOS Windows. . Change to the appropriate product directory. For Netscape 6.2, type the following:cd "\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape 6"register the Mozctlx.dll file using the following command:regsvr32 Mozctlx.dll (enter)For Mozilla 1.0, simply substitute the path "\Program Files\\Mozilla"Either version of the control should work. The Mozilla 1.0 version of the control is the most up to date.
    • 48836 - (Fixed) The List Item (li) tag editor no longer outputs an empty value for the type attribute. Selecting the first value (#1) will also not output the type attribute as it is the default value.
    • 47903 - The browse button in the Image tag will have "Web Images" as the default file type which will allow all file types that have been marked as "image" in the Extension Manager to be displayed.
    • 12642 - Fixed Site View's nodes to properly display special characters in their title.
    • 47381 - (Fixed) The codesweeper settings dialog has had some minor redesign work to improve its usability.
    • 1808 - Document tabs now automatically "scroll" into view when closing the last opened document.
    • 25169 - Fixed IMFL tag editors <head> and <viewchange> to output the correct tag name.

    ColdFusion MX support

    The new CFML MX tags and functions are supported in Tag Chooser, Tag Insight, tag editors, and Expression Builder. F1 Help and embedded Help for the new tags and functions is also available.

    New tags:

    • cfargument
    • cfchart
    • cfchartdata
    • cfchartseries
    • cfcollection (list value of action attribute and name attribute)
    • cfcomponent
    • cffunction
    • cfhttp (firstRowAsHeaders attribute)
    • cfimport
    • cfinvoke
    • cfinvokeargument
    • cflogin
    • cfloginuser
    • cflogout
    • cfmail
    • cfimport
    • cfobject
    • cfobjectcache
    • cfprocessingdirective
    • cfproperty
    • cfreturn
    • cftrace
    • cfxml

    New functions:

    • CreateObject
    • GetPageContext
    • GetMetaData
    • GetProfileSections
    • IsK2ServerABroker
    • IsK2ServerOnline
    • IsObject
    • IsProtected
    • IsUserInRole
    • SetLocale
    • IsXmlDoc
    • XmlFormat
    • XmlChildPos

    Integration with other Macromedia products

    Macromedia Dreamweaver

    If Dreamweaver is detected on your system, you can click the Open in Macromedia Dreamweaver toolbutton on the Editor toolbar to edit the current document.

    Macromedia Fireworks

    If Fireworks is detected on your system, you can now launch it directly by right-clicking on an <img> tag, a graphics file in the Files list, or the Thumbnail view of a file, and then selecting the Edit in Macromedia Fireworks command. This lets you quickly access image source files for editing.

    Launching Fireworks from an image file other than a PNG prompts you to find the PNG file associated with that image. Selecting Yes opens the File Open dialog, selecting No opens the current file in Fireworks. You can set file open options in the source file dialog box.

    Known Issues

    • GIF files cannot be viewed in Thumbnails and in the Image Tag dialog box, but they can be viewed in the browser. Image sizes are displayed and can be modified in the image tag editor.
    • If your machine has Microsoft Office XP installed, the .htm files in the Files resource windows might be displayed with a generic icon instead of the IE icon. This doesn't affect any functionality.
    • Debugging on ColdFusion MX servers via RDS does not work. You may still debug on CF 5 servers using RDS.
    • When using RDS in HomeSite+ and HomeSite+ 5.2, ColdFusion MX server error messages are displayed instead of the HomeSite+ messages.
    • When viewing files on a ColdFusion MX server over an RDS connection, please note the following issues [45379]:
      • Files viewed via Macromedia FTP & RDS in Windows Explorer when HomeSite+ is installed display the Modified date of 1/1/01 8:00 PM
      • Files viewed via Macromedia FTP & RDS in Windows Explorer when ColdFusion Studio 5 is installed display the Modified date of 1/1/1601 8:00:00 PM
      • The Files tabs in HomeSite+ do not display the date in the Modified column.
    • If you close HS+ 5.2 with a folder on a ColdFusion 5 server selected, when you reopen HS+ 5.2, you'll get an error stating that "The system cannot find the file specified." Select OK on this error message and continue - there is no impact on HS+ 5.2's functionality.
    • If you close HS+ 5.2 where a ColdFusion MX server is selected in the Files tab, when you reopen HS+ 5.2, you'll get an "String index out of range: 1" error. Select OK on this error message and continue - there is no impact on HS+ 5.2's functionality.
    • Since HS+ and HS+ 5.2 are only shipped with Dreamweaver MX, the CFML references are installed with Dreamweaver MX and not installed with HS+ 5.2. If you want to add these references to HS+ 5.2, please follow the instruction in Help-Using HomeSite+ for Dreamweaver MX-Extending the Help System-Extending the Help System.
    • You might see an Access violation in module 'NAVSHEXT.DLL' if you switch to Netscape as your internal browser, browse and then change the internal browser back to Internet Explorer and selecting the Apply button in the Settings dialog box. Simply OK the message - it will not affect the functionality of the product.
    • Resource Windows may incorrectly float if made visible and their previous dock site has moved. To avoid any problems right mouse click and select one of the "Move To" options from the menu (48965).
    • If you are using Netscape 6 or 7 for internal or external browsing, you will see a button at the bottom of most help files called View Comments on LiveDocs. This button should not be displayed and is inactive; however, due to a Netscape bug, commented code in the help files is being executed and you can see this button. Please don't use this button.
    • If you install HomeSite+ 5.2 before installing Dreamweaver MX, and if you want to edit documents that are open in HomeSite+ 5.2 in Dreamweaver MX, select the Options > Settings > Dreamweaver/UltraDev > Enable Dreamweaver/UltraDev integration option. [45661]
    • Setting XHTML as the document type when the DOCTYPE statement isn't on the first line may delete code. The workaround is to select Options|Set current document as XHTML and then to select "No replacement" in the dialog that appears. [30176]
    • XHTML 1.0 Strict Validation: If there is a single embedded " character preceding an end tag, closing outer tag checking will be incomplete and produce additional errors. Workaround: Close any existing double quoted strings between tags or use the preferred XHTML entity " construct instead.
    • On Windows 98/ME, drag and drop between the Desktop or Explorer to in-product remote servers or from in-product servers to the Desktop or Explorer does not work, although the cursor indicates that the operation will work.
    • File size rounding errors exist with remote files. Files appear to change size by 1K due to rounding down of the number of bytes as opposed to rounding up as with Window Explorer. No data is missing in these cases.
    • On Windows XP, if you delete a remote folder from the left pane of Explorer, the folder will continue to be displayed in the folder tree even though it has been removed. Closing and reopening the Explorer will fix the problem.
    • On Windows XP, double clicking a remote folder may not show the contents of the folder. A manual refresh (F5) will display the files in the right pane of Explorer.
    • If you try to open a folder that contains a shortcut (.lnk file) which refers to a non-existing folder, HomeSite will crash on NT. [29697]
    • Embedded Help text in the HTML/XHTML tag editors may not display clearly. Use F1 Help instead. [29370]
    • If a document contains an XML declaration on the first line, using the Options > Set Document to XHTML command overwrites that declaration text. If you use the Set the document as XHTML command, you can then edit the declaration text as needed or insert additional XML declaration text. [29314]
    • Options > Settings > Spelling > Maximum number of suggestions can be manually set to a number from 0 to 30. However, the actual range of suggestions is 1 to 20.
    • The Configure FTP Server timeout setting is not functional. You can enter a timeout value but only the default setting is in effect.
    • The Files 2 tab will not consume resources on Windows 95/98/Me if it is not visible when the application launches. To hide the tab, disable the View > Resource Windows > Files 2 option. Restarting the application will regain resources used by the window. [27164]
    • HomeSite/ColdFusion Studio 5 causes a "Class not registered" error (18265). Please see the workaround.

    Documentation Notes

    • To see syntax and usage information for all supported languages, open the Tag Chooser (Ctrl+E), select a tag, and click the Help button.

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