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Getting Started with JRun

Getting Started with JRun

The Getting Started with JRun manual is for anyone using JRun to develop applications consisting of Java Servlets, JavaServer pages, Enterprise JavaBeans, and Web Services. Part I of this book provides a general introduction to JRun and J2EE. Part II contains tutorials to show you how to build a simple J2EE application. In the tutorial lessons, you'll learn how to add a JRun server and write the code for servlets, JSPs, JavaBeans, and EJBs.

Tutorials and Articles

Upgrading to Macromedia JRun 4

This article helps you upgrade from using JRun 3.x to JRun 4. It describes using the JRun 4 migration tool and outlines the differences between previous versions of JRun and JRun 4.

Getting started with JRun Server Tags

JRun Server Tags (JST) is a technology introduced in JRun 3.1 that you can use to implement custom tag handlers in JSP. This article teaches basic JST concepts to JSP developers.


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