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ColdFusion Enterprise (2016 Release)

ColdFusion 11 Enterprise

ColdFusion 10 Enterprise

ColdFusion 9 Enterprise

API Manager

API monitoring


API version and lifecycle management


API Access Control


API rate limiting and throttling


API developer portal


SOAP gateway


External storage for session scope


API Caching


Enterprise API management


SOAP to REST translation


Mobile development

Client-side database integration


CFML-based mobile app development


Device detection


Native device APIs


On—device debugging


Remote inspection


Client-side database access


Custom tag framework


Application Development

Full CFSCRIPT support


Command line interface


Member functions


QueryExecute and Elvis operator


Social login support and social plug-in integration


Custom serializer and de-serializer for JSON and XML


Multisite RESTful web services


Object-relational mapping (ORM)

ORM text search


Advanced caching (ehcache)

Ajax UI component

Ajax framework

Image manipulation

RSSand atom feed creation and consumption

ZIP and JAR archive file manipulation

Database introspection

Custom server-side chart styles

Server-side charting and graphing

ColdFusion components (CFCs)

XML support

XPath support


Web services (SOAP)


Built-in support for REST


File manipulation

.NET assembly support (DLL)

Java, servlet, and EJB connectivity


FTP and SFTP servers

Virtual file systems (RAM)

Virtual file systems (ZIP, JAR, FTP, SFTP)


Multi-threaded CFML(CFTHREAD) *

Database client connection management


Support for additional database types


Database exception handling

Failover support for database


Revamped scheduler engine


Grouping of scheduled tasks


Misfire and exception handling of scheduled tasks


Scheduled task priority


Listeners for scheduled tasks


Cluster support for scheduled tasks


Chaining of scheduled tasks


Application-specific scheduled tasks


Support for closures


CFC auto constructor


CFC method chaining


For-in support for queries and lists


Hotfix installer


Instant notification for updates in ColdFusion Administrator


CFScript support

Flex and Adobe AIR lazy loading


Advanced protocol support

Gateway architecture

Data management service

Data services messaging

Enterprise IM gateways (Sametime and XMPP)

Asynchronous CFML gateway

SMS gateway

JMS gateway

TCP/IP socket gateway

Directory watcher gateway

Document services

PDF digital signatures


PDF archiving


Full PDF DDX support


PDF redaction


PDF sanitization


Exchange comments across files


Standardized PDF metadata


PDF attachments


PDF stamp support


Cluster support for HTML to PDF conversion


Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint file generation


PDF file conversion from Microsoft Office 2010 Word and PowerPoint


MS Office 2010 Excel support


PDF form processing

PDF document manipulation

Server-side printing

Online presentation generation

PDF file generation from HTML

Structured reporting

Enterprise infrastructure

64-bit support

Administrative user and role management

Request limit management

Operating system virtualization support **

High-scalability email engine

Web-based multi-instance manager

Web-based cluster manager

JEE package deployment (EAR/WAR)

Multiple server instances

Instance clustering

Enterprise database drivers

ColdFusion archiving and deployment (CAR)


Cluster support for HTML5 web sockets


Port80 support for HTML5 web sockets


SSLv3 support for HTML web sockets


HTML5 charts


Built-in HTML5 videoplayer


Fall back from HTML5 to Adobe Flash technology and vice versa


Skinning support for HTML5 videoplayer


Support for events and JavaScript interface for HTML5 videoplayer


Geo-location capability with CFMAP


Suport for HTML5 input types


Support for websocket protocol on server


Interface for publish and subscribe using web socket


Custom styles for HTML5 charts


Integrated solutions

Embedded Apache Solr full-text search engine

Support for dynamic custom fields for Solr


Data import handler for Solr


Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES integration

Eclipse based debugging

Flash remoting

Adobe Dreamweaver and Eclipse extensions

User-defined functions

Microsoft SharePoint web parts

Microsoft SharePoint single sign-on

Java portal integration (JSR-168, JSR-286, WSRP)

Email servers (POP and IMAP)

Support for Microsoft Exchange 2010


Microsoft Exchange server integration

Directory servers (Active Directory and LDAP)

Apache Tomcat integration


Revamped Adobe Flash videoplayer


Bidirectional Java integration


Java classes loaded from custom paths


Java dynamic proxies from CFCs


Ability to invoke CFCs from Java classes

Tight integration with ColdFusion Builder


Windows NT domain authentication

RSA FIPS 140–compliant strong cryptology

Security sandboxing

Built-in functions to protect against XSS and CSRF


Login mechanism

Security code analyzer


Session cookie management

Server manager and monitor

Desktop-based server manager

Web-based server administration

Administrator API

Compiled application deployment (sourceless)

Server monitoring dashboard

Server monitoring API

* - On Standard Edition, the maximum limit of threads that can be spawned via CFTHREAD is 10. Threads created by CFTHREAD in excess of this are queued.There is no such limit on Enterprise Edition

** - Data can be pushed to no more than five clients on Standard, unlimited on Enterprise

— Restricted features in ColdFusion Standard Edition: Enterprise features run through the Enterprise Feature Router (EFR). These features run in theStandard edition. However, all features running through the EFR are limited to one shared simultaneous request

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