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Using online help in the Macromedia JRun 4 JMC

This tutorial describes features for usage for the online help system in the JRun Management Console (JMC). This help system is 508-compliant and features a tree view, index view, and full-text search.

Macromedia JRun 4 performance overview

JRun 4 offers superior performance when measured by HTTP request throughput. This white paper describes JRun web performance compared to Tomcat and provides a web application that you can download to compare performance with other J2EE application servers.

Command-Line utilities for JRun 3.x

This article describes using some command-line utilities in JRun to make scripting easier.

Introduction to the JRun Tag Library

The JRun Tag Library is a collection of custom actions based on the JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.1 tag extension API. By using the JRun Tag Library, JSP developers can perform data queries and transactions, asynchronous message sending and receiving, e-mail processing, and XML data processing (just to name a few) without knowing all the APIs involved.

Speeding JSP development using HomeSite

HomeSite is one of the most popular website development tools available today. However, it does not provide integrated support for JavaServer Pages (JSP). This article describes the steps for combining the features of HomeSite and JRun and creating a JSP Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Scripting with JRun

Scripting languages have become extremely popular for web-based system development over the past few years. This article details JRun scripting and the ColdFusion-to-Java Servlet compiler for JST named .

Tutorial for building a J2EE application using JRun

This tutorial shows you how to build a simple J2EE application. In the tutorial lessons, you will add a JRun server, create a new enterprise application, and write the code for Java servlets, JavaServer Pages, JavaBeans, and Enterprise JavaBeans.

JRun Custom Tag Library

The JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.1 specification provides a standard, XML-based interface for defining a tag library within JSP. Tag libraries based on this interface allow faster development than with traditional JSP code and open JSP development to a broader audience of developers.


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