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Macromedia JRun Support Center Introduction to JRun
Getting started with JRun

When you log into the JMC, in addition to the First Steps page, a Welcome page appears. This page displays information about servers and clusters detected at your site and provides links to useful wizards, documentation (including Release Notes), and information about JRun and the servers and clusters. Before you create any servers or clusters, the Welcome page appears as follows.

The Help link and icon are in the top right corner of the page.

When you click the Help icon or link, the Help page for the JMC Welcome page appears.

When you click the Help icon or link on any JMC page, the Help page associated with that JMC page appears. The Help text provides procedural information and descriptions of parameters, depending on the JMC page that you are viewing.

The Help page contains two panes:

The navigation pane, on the left, shows navigation aids. By default, this pane displays the organization of Help topics that you can view (the Help contents). You can also view the index for the Help system.
The content pane, on the right, displays the Help content for the page. Each Help page contains a title that identifies the JMC page it describes.

These panes are described in more detail in Using the JMC online Help system.

Just below the page header is an important link for new JRun users, labeled Getting Started with JRun.

When you click this link, the following page appears.

This Help page includes links contained on the First Steps page, and many other links to Help content that is useful for those who are unfamiliar with JRun.

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