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Macromedia JRun Support Center Introduction to JRun
Using the JMC online Help system

You will probably access a Help page for a JMC page by clicking the Help icon or link from the JMC page. You can also access Help pages in the following ways:

By viewing the organization of topics for the Help system and selecting a topic name.
By examining the index for the Help system and selecting an index entry.

Viewing the organization of the Help system
The Contents option in the navigation pane displays the Help topics, organized in the same way information is organized within the JMC. The navigation pane displays the Help contents.

The Help topics are grouped in the following major categories:

Servers, which organizes its information in these subcategories: J2EE Components, Resources, Services, Logging, and Settings

You can access a Help topic by clicking its link in the Contents list. The Help page provides instructions that tell you how to navigate to this JMC page.

Using the Help index
The JMC Help system includes an index that lets you access a Help page by selecting a keyword or phrase. To access the index, click the Index tab at the top of the navigation pane. The following pane appears.

For example, a site administrator wants to access the Help page to get instructions about how to manage JMC users. The administrator decides to check the index for an entry called "managing JMC users."

To retrieve a Help page from an index entry, select the first letter of the entry (in this case, M), then select the entry (managing JMC users). Just before selecting the entry, the navigation pane appears.

When you select the index entry, the content pane displays the page associated with the entry.

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