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Macromedia JRun Support Center Introduction to JRun
Executive summary

Macromedia JRun 4 provides superior performance, as measured by servlet and JSP page response time, throughput, scalability, and reliability. Customers can develop and deploy applications on JRun 4 with the knowledge that their applications can handle high volumes of user activity with predictable performance and stability. This article describes the Macromedia initial findings related to servlet and JSP page-processing performance using Tomcat as a baseline comparison.

Another important factor to consider is the price-performance ratio. JRun provides J2EE compatible, enterprise-class performance at the lowest price point of any commercial J2EE compatible application server.

This article provides links to the test application and Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool scripts so that you can run the tests locally. While actual end-user results will vary based on application complexity and environmental factors, users will experience scalability and page-processing performance that exceeds that of similarly priced or open-source application servers.

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