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Macromedia JRun Support Center Introduction to JRun
About JRun 4

The roots of JRun run deep into the world of server-side Java. JRun began as an industry pioneer in the area of servlets and JSP, continued to add features with each release, and now supports full J2EE 1.3 functionality. Through it all, the goal and outcome haven't changed: JRun is fast, affordable, and reliable.

In addition to developer-oriented features, such as stubless-EJB deployment, auto-deploy, hot-deploy, and XDoclet support, JRun also includes enterprise-level features, such as clustering and web services support. JRun architects continue to deliver cutting-edge, innovative technology, including the use of Java Management Extensions (JMX) to implement the JRun service-based architecture and Jini to implement cluster management.

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