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Macromedia JRun Support Center Introduction to JRun
Test environment

The test environment consisted of automated client software to generate page requests from eight virtual users with no think time between each request. The client requests were distributed across two computers. The server was installed on a single computer; clustering was not enabled.

Each test lasted for 5 minutes and metrics were accumulated for the entire duration of each test. There was no warm-up time.

The following table describes the JSPs and servlets used in the tests.

Test Description


A 50-byte JSP with session management disabled and no dynamic content.


A JSP that uses the jsp:include action to include three other JSPs, each of which has two jsp:include actions of its own.


A JSP with session management enabled, multiple calls to session-object methods, and three java.util.Date() and Date.toString calls.

50K servlet

A servlet that writes 50K of data in 1024-byte increments through several out.println methods.


A JSP that uses the struts-bean cookie tag to set and retrieve cookie values in a JavaBean.

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