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Macromedia JRun Support Center Introduction to JRun
Running the tests

Contractual issues prohibit comparison with most commercial J2EE application servers. If you are interested in JRun performance relative to other commercial J2EE application services, you can download the test environment and run the test suite locally.

To run the application and test suite in your own environment:

1 Download the client and server files using the links at the beginning of this article. This application includes configuration instructions for JRun and Tomcat.
2 Deploy the jrunwebstress.war and struts.war web applications. These applications use standard J2EE deployment descriptors and should run on other J2EE application servers with little or no change.
3 Start the application server, if necessary.
4 Download and install the Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool (WAS) from
5 Start WAS (choose Start>Programs>Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool), and open the JRun4vsTomcat.mdb database. For basic information on using WAS, see
6 Specify the appropriate server IP addresses and execute one or more of the scripts. Choose View>Results to examine test results.
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