LiveCycle products

Adobe LiveCycle Support Lifecycle Policy

View a complete list of Adobe enterprise products and technical support periods covered under the new Lifecycle Policy.

Enterprise Maintenance and Support Options

  • Core Enterprise Maintenance and Support Programs

    Existing programs — Standard Support, Premium Maintenance and Support, and Platinum Maintenance and Support — will now provide five years of product support from the general availability date of a product, starting with the release of a “.0” product version (a “root release”). Support for all derivatives — localized versions, minor upgrades, additional operating systems, etc. — of a root release terminates with support for the root release. This includes dot and double-dot releases and connector products.
  • Extended Maintenance and Support

    This new program option gives your organization an additional two years of Enterprise Maintenance and Support services after the five years provided under the Premium and Platinum packages. Extended Maintenance and Support provides your organization the valuable extra time you may need to plan your migration to Adobe’s latest technology.
  • Self-Service Legacy Support

    Customers can use this option to receive an additional year of help. Online self-help will assist them in addressing product questions.

Plan ahead: Adobe can help your organization determine what it needs

If your organization is considering purchasing an Enterprise Maintenance and Support contract, or wants to add one of the new support options to its current support agreement, information about products, services, and support lifecycle dates is one keyboard click or phone call away.

  • View a grid that shows which products are covered and the different support coverage periods for them.
  • Contact your Adobe account representative to help you determine the most appropriate custom support program for your organization’s needs.
  • If you do not know who your Adobe account representative is and would like to speak with one, please fill out a brief form.

1Contract note

The optional programs announced under the new Adobe Enterprise Support Lifecycle Policy are available today but for existing customers will take effect at the time of your next maintenance and support contract renewal. Adobe will continue to communicate a minimum of 12 months in advance when a product is reaching the end of its enterprise support lifecycle. In the interim, your existing Enterprise Maintenance and Support contract(s) will remain in effect and unchanged.

Please work with your Adobe account representative for details regarding the annual support fee. Ongoing support is also available to you under the following conditions: for the first renewal term, if so renewed will be the Annual Support Fee for the first renewal term increased by six percent (6%), for the second renewal term if so renewed, the Annual Support Fee for the first renewal term increased by six percent (6%), and for each of the third and subsequent renewal terms, if so renewed, will be a percentage of the then current list price of the license fees for the Program(s), such percentage being the standard published percentage of the license fees for the Program(s) charged for support and maintenance contracts entered into in such year, however, in no event shall the amount be less than the Annual Support fee paid for the prior year for the Program(s) covered by this renewal.

2Product note

The new Adobe Enterprise Support Lifecycle Policy will not apply to all Adobe products. For example, the policy will not apply to Adobe products for which Adobe has already communicated a date for the end of Adobe Enterprise Support, and in some cases Adobe may determine to apply an alternative support time line based on customer need, or for which Adobe decides to apply an alternative support time line in its sole discretion.