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Download and install AdobePS (Mac OS 7.0-9.x)

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Downloading AdobePS

Obtaining PPD files

The Adobe PostScript (AdobePS) printer drivers for Mac OS 7.0-9.x enable you to print documents from any Mac OS application to a PostScript printer. AdobePS provides several features not found in the standard PostScript printer driver included with Mac OS, including watermark printing and additional n-up options. This document describes how to download AdobePS for Mac OS from the Adobe website.

Downloading AdobePS

You can download AdobePS from the Adobe website at .

To download AdobePS:

1. In your web browser, connect to the Adobe website at .

2. Click the Macintosh link in the Printer Drivers section.

3. Click the language version of AdobePS that you want to download (for example, PostScript Printer Driver AdobePS 8.8 - U.S. English).

4. Review the system requirements and installation instructions.

5. Click Download to begin downloading the driver installer.

Note: Your browser version and configuration determine where downloaded files are stored on your hard disk and whether downloaded files are decompressed automatically. See the browser's documentation for additional information.

Obtaining PPD files

As a courtesy, Adobe provides some PPD files on its website at . Adobe doesn't write or support these PPD files. If you have questions about a PPD file or need a PPD file not available from the Adobe website, contact the printer manufacturer.

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