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Printed text is missing or spaced incorrectly (AdobePS 4.2.4-8.x)


When you print from some applications (for example, Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word) in Windows Me, 98, or 95 using the Adobe PostScript printer driver (AdobePS) 4.2.4 or later, text characters are missing or incorrectly spaced.


You are printing with a PostScript Printer Description (PPD) file that uses PostScript version 2014 or earlier. For information on determining which AdobePS and PPD versions you are using, see Background information.

Solution : Change the PostScript version number in the PPD file to 2015, and reinstall the printer.

Note: Adobe Technical Support doesn't provide support for modifying PPD files but provides these instructions as a courtesy. You should modify a backup copy of the PPD file; you can then revert to the original file if problems occur. You may get unexpected results if you modify a PPD file incorrectly.

1. Choose Start > Settings > Printers.

2. Right-click the printer, and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.

3. Click the Paper tab, and then click About.

4. Note the version of the printer driver and the file name of the PPD, and then click OK.

5. Delete the printer from Printers window.

6. Locate the PPD file, and open it in a text editor that can save in text-only format (for example, Word, MS-DOS Editor).

Note: Some text editors (for example, Microsoft Write, Notepad, WordPad) add invisible characters (for example, end-of-file or line feed) to the file that can prevent the PPD file from being read.

7. Replace all instances of "2012," "2013," or "2014" with "2015."

8. Save the PPD file in text-only format to the PPD4 folder.

9. Reinstall the printer using the AdobePS 4 Setup Utility. In the Install PostScript Printer from PPD dialog box, locate the updated PPD file.

10. Right-click the printer, and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.

11. Click the PostScript tab.

12. Select Optimize For Portability, and then click OK.

Background information

When you print from an application using AdobePS 4.2.4 or later and a PPD file that uses PostScript version 2014 or earlier, some applications may print characters with incorrect spacing or may not print them at all. Applications that generate their own PostScript code (for example, Adobe PageMaker or QuarkXPress), however, can print text correctly with this combination of AdobePS and PPD file.

You can check the PPD filename and printer driver version in an installed printer's Properties dialog box by clicking the Paper tab and then clicking About. To determine a PPD file's PostScript version, open the PPD file in a text editor (for example, Microsoft Word) and look for a line beginning with "*PSVersion." For example, a PPD using PostScript version 2010 will contain the following line:

*PSVersion: "(2010.0) 2"

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