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How to write a server behavior in ten easy steps for UltraDev 1

This tutorial is intended for Dreamweaver extension developers who want to learn how to write server behaviors for Dreamweaver UltraDev 1.0. It shows you how to create a new server behavior, taking advantage of the many useful services already written. The server behavior you create in this tutorial, RedirectIfEmpty, redirects the browser to a new location if a recordset is empty.

Most of these services are written in JavaScript and are not documented in the Dreamweaver Help system. Some documentation of the classes used in the tutorial can be found at the top of the file Configuration/Shared/UltraDev/scripts/ssClasses.js , which you may want to print out before proceeding.

It may be helpful to start by reading the server behavior chapter in the Extending Dreamweaver user guide. This tutorial makes extensive references to the functions defined in that chapter.

Download the Windows sample files (24k)

Walking through a simple example
1. Write the run-time code and test it
2. Create the server behavior file and add a search string
3. Implement the findServerBehaviors() function
4. Write the canApplyServerBehavior() function
5. Create the user interface and write the initializeUI() function
6. Write the applyServerBehavior() function
7. Write the deleteServerBehavior() function
8. Write the inspectServerBehavior() function
9. Change applyServerBehavior() function
10. Set the incomplete property and write the analyzeServerBehavior() function

23 August 2000

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