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Adding the Insert Record server behavior

To add a server behavior to insert records in a database table:

1 In the Server Behaviors panel (Window > Server Behaviors), click the plus (+) button and choose Insert Record from the pop-up menu.
The Insert Record dialog box appears.
2 Use the Connection and Insert Into Table pop-up menus to specify the database table into which the record should be inserted.
3 In the After Inserting, Go To text box, enter the page to open after the record is inserted into the table. This is usually a page informing your user that the new record has successfully been added to the database.
4 In the Get Values From pop-up menu, choose the HTML form used to enter the data.
5 Specify what each object on your form will update in the database table by selecting each form object in the Form Elements list, then choosing a corresponding table column from the Column pop-up menu and data type from the Submit As pop-up menu.
The data type is the kind of data the column in your database table is expecting. For example, if the column in the table accepts only numeric values, choose Numeric from the Submit As pop-up menu.
The Submit As pop-up menu lists two Date data types. Choose the Date MS Access data type for Microsoft Access databases; choose the Date data type for any other type of database.
6 Click OK.
The form on your insert page is now ready to add records to your database.

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