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Defining a filtered recordset

To retrieve and update a record, you must first define a filtered recordset for the results/update page.

To define the filtered recordset:

1 Open the results/update page in Dreamweaver UltraDev.
Note: This should be a "clean" page that contains no server behaviors.
2 In the Data Bindings panel (Window > Data Bindings), click the plus (+) button and choose Recordset (Query).
If the advanced Recordset dialog box appears, click the Simple button to open the simple Recordset dialog box.
3 Name the recordset and specify where the data you want to update is located using the Connection and Table pop-up menus.
4 Click the Selected option and select the columns containing the data you want to update. Control-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) to select several columns.
5 Configure the Filter area so that the values of a table column are checked against the value of the search page's corresponding URL parameter.
Choose a table column from the Filter pop-up menu. If your search page asks for an employee's last name, choose the appropriate column (in this case LASTNAME). This ensures that the results page will include only those values that match the search parameter.
From the pop-up menu beside the first menu, choose the equal sign. (It should be the default.)
From the third pop-up menu, choose URL Parameter. (It should be the default.)
In the last text box, enter the name of the form object used to collect the search parameter on the search page. If your search form uses a text field to conduct the search, this is the name of the text field.
You can get the name of the search text field by switching back to your search page and viewing the text field's Property inspector (Window > Properties).
Here is the search form text field's Property inspector.
The text field "txtLastName" passes a specific URL parameter on to the results page.
Here is the completed results/update page filter area.


6 Click OK.
The results/update page now contains a filtered recordset. The page will generate a result that corresponds to the information submitted by the search page.

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