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Inserting radio buttons

Next you'll add radio buttons to the form to record the survey participant's responses. Radio buttons are typically used in groups. (In this example, you'll use three radio buttons per group.) All radio buttons in a group must have the same name and must contain different field values.

To insert radio buttons:

1 Place the insertion point where you want the radio button to appear, and choose Insert > Form Object > Radio Button. The radio button must appear within the form outline.
2 In the Property inspector's RadioButton field, type a descriptive name for the group of radio button choices.
Each group of radio buttons must have a unique name. In this example, the Like, Dislike, and Indifferent radio buttons will constitute the radio button group Reaction.
3 In the Checked Value field, type the value you want sent to your database when the user selects the radio button. This can be text or numeric.
For example, if you want the words Like, Dislike, and Indifferent to be entered into your database when the user selects the corresponding radio button, enter those words into the radio button's Checked Value field.
If you want numbers to be entered into your database, enter numeric characters in the Checked Value field. Be sure that the corresponding columns in your database table are set to the correct data types.
4 For Initial State, click Checked if you want an option to appear selected when the form first loads in the browser. Remember, only one radio button in a group can be checked at a time.
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