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Localizing a detail page

Here is the English-language version of a detail page for Chuzzlewit Brothers Chocolates.

The user has arrived at this page from an index of caramels. The name of the caramel, price per pound, product description, and photo are being dynamically generated by a Macromedia ColdFusion server. The values are coming from the CHOCOLATE_PRODUCTS database table CARAMEL.

Here is the Swedish version of the same detail page.

Like the English-version page, the Swedish detail page contains a dynamically-generated image as well as dynamic data for the name of the caramel, the price per pound, and the product description. The data in this instance, however, is coming from the table CARAMELS_SW.

Here is the Recordset dialog box for the English-language detail page, caramels_detail.cfm.

Here is the Recordset dialog box for the Swedish version of the same page.

Because the web developer minimized changes to the database table structure during the early stages of planning, the localization of the detail page caramels_detail.cfm required minimal effort. In the Recordset dialog box, the localizer altered the table field (from CARAMELS to CARAMELS_SW), and reset the Recordset filter. No other alterations were required. The layout of the web page remains exactly the same, as do the data sources (column names) that display the page's dynamic data.

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