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ColdFusion RDS

ColdFusion RDS is a security component of ColdFusion Server used by the ColdFusion Administrator and ColdFusion Studio to provide remote HTTP-access to files and databases. You can use RDS to manage ColdFusion Studio access to files and databases on a server hosting ColdFusion.

ColdFusion RDS features include:

Secure server access, both basic and advanced
Data source browsing and SQL query building
Remote file access
CFML debugging

ColdFusion RDS basic security requires developers in ColdFusion Studio to supply a password which, when authenticated, permits access to files and database sources.

ColdFusion RDS advanced security provides users in a team-oriented ColdFusion development environment with different levels of access to ColdFusion files and data sources. RDS advanced security authenticates users and grants them access to the resources appropriate to their login information.

For more information about ColdFusion RDS, see "Configuring Basic Security" in Advanced ColdFusion Administration (available through ColdFusion Administrator) or "Connecting to Servers via FTP and HTTP" (available through ColdFusion Studio Help).

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