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This document addresses some issues not found in the Dreamweaver UltraDev documentation and may be updated as more information becomes available.

System Requirements
Known Issues
How to Report Bugs

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Windows Power Macintosh
Intel Pentium Processor or equivalent 166 + MHz OS 8.6 or later
Windows 95/98/00 or NT version 4.0 or later 48 MB of available RAM
48 MB of available RAM 30 MB of available disk space
30 MB of available disk space Color monitor capable of 800x600 resolution
256-color monitor capable of 800x600 resolution CD-ROM drive
CD-ROM drive  

Software Requirements

Shockwave 8: To run our Show Me movies, you will need Shockwave 8. If you do not have Shockwave or have a version prior to version 8, you may download and install Shockwave 8 here.

Microsoft Data Access Components 2.1 (Windows only): To connect to databases using ADO or ODBC on Microsoft Windows 98 or NT version 4, you will need Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.1 or later. Often, this is installed automatically with Microsoft Office 2000. If you do not have MDAC or have a version earlier than 2.1, you may download and install the latest MDAC version here.

Mac OS Runtime for Java (Macintosh only): To connect to databases on the Apple Macintosh platform, you will need the Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) version 2.2 or later. If you do not have the MRJ installed on your Macintosh or have a version earlier than 2.2, you may download and install the latest MRJ version here.

Suggested Requirements for creating Dynamic Data

Web Server or Application Server: To run dynamic pages, you need an application server or web server that supports Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP), Sun's JavaServer Pages (JSP) version 1.0, or Allaire's ColdFusion.

Database: Most Web applications need a way to store and retrieve data on a server. If you plan to build applications that have this ability, you need some kind of database system to store the data. Dreamweaver UltraDev can connect to most databases that provide ODBC or JDBC connectivity. This includes a variety of file-based databases such as Microsoft Access and Lotus Approach, to more industrial-strength enterprise databases such as Oracle 8i, IBM's DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Known Issues

JSP Errors Not Seen using JRun 2.3.3. JRun 2.3.3 requires the use of an error.jsp page. For information on how to create an error.jsp site, see the documentation on "Defining a local site" under the "Laying the Groundwork" chapter of the UltraDev help system.

Naming a page "default.jsp" generates an error. Some JSP servers cannot compile a page named default.jsp since the word "default" is a reserved word in Java. To avoid this error, rename the file.

System tables and stored procedures are viewable in Oracle and MS SQL Server. Both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server allow a user to view system tables by default. In order to get the recordset dialog box to display only the tables and stored procedures you own, click the Restrict button in the recordset dialog and enter the appropriate schema and/or catalog name.

Check target browser marks CFML code as invalid. The Check Target Browser command only validates HTML tags. ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) tags should be placed in your Browser Profiles for this command to work with CFML.

The error message "There is no editable region" appears when you open a template with a recordset. You cannot currently make a recordset an editable region in templates. Though an error appears when you open a template that contains a recordset, you may still use the Server Behavior inspector to change all recordset properties.

Certain recordset settings in ASP cause an error "80040e21". Under some circumstances, setting the recordset location to be server-side generates an "80040e21" error when deployed. This has to do with limitations in ASP, and changing the cursor location to client-side will solve the problem.

How to Report Bugs

Find a bug? Please send an e-mail to the UltraDev team with the following information:

Your Name:
Your E-mail:
Your Phone:
Bug Description
Steps to Reproduce:
Expected Results:

Actual Results:
Power Macintosh________
Windows 95/98________
Windows NT________
Windows 2000________
Windows ME________
System Information:
OS Version:

Please be sure to put  Bug Report: [very brief summary of problem] in the Subject line, so we can tell the bug reports from the feature requests. For example, "Bug Report: Can't see JPEGs".