Apply your favorite edits as simply as filters with Adobe Photoshop Presets.

Discover how to add complex edits to projects with filter-like shortcuts called Presets, and explore Adjustment Presets, the newest workflow time saver.

Find looks you love in a few steps with Adjustment Presets.

Effortlessly change the appearance of your images in Photoshop with Adjustment Presets. Presets are filters that apply effects to images, altering their look and feel in a single click. Choose from a menu of options or create and save custom presets. Export your presets to share with others and import new favorites.

Beautiful edits, less work.

Save time by starting with a stunning filter from the Adjustment Presets panel instead of manually tweaking dozens of adjustment sliders to edit from scratch.

See it, then select it.

Get a peek at how Presets look before you change the appearance of your images. Hover over options ideal for portraits, landscapes, and more in the Adjustments Presets panel to preview them all.

Pick Presets for every mood.

Choose from over 30 Adjustment Presets that range from the creative Color Pop and the cinematic Split Tone to photo repair options like Warm Contrast and variations on black and white images. Apply each in a single click.

Take edits even further.

Personalize any Adjustment Preset by refining the settings after you apply it — play with hue and saturation, brightness, curves, and more to make it your own. Plus, create and save custom presets, export presets to share, and import new ones.

Create custom Adjustment Presets to give images a unique look.

Make and save your own presets in just a few steps to get the exact effect you want.

Open the Adjustment Preset panel.

First, check to see if the Adjustment Preset panel is open. If it’s not, go to Window > Adjustments to open it.

Play with the Adjustment Panel settings.

Use the Single adjustment options in the Adjustment Panel to fine tune your image. Change the hue and saturation, brightness, curves, and more. Refine the settings until you get the look you want.

Select the Adjustment layers.

Once you’ve got your settings just right, go to the Layers panel and select all the adjustment layers. Click the first layer, then Shift-click the last layer to select them all.

Save your preset.

With the layers selected, return to the Adjustment panel and click the + sign next to Your presets. Name and save your preset. Your new custom preset will now be available for you to reuse any time you like and can be found under Your presets.

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Frequently asked questions.

Presets are pre-defined settings that you can apply to images to quickly get a certain effect or style. They save custom settings for things like filters, styles, brushes, patterns, etc.

You can browse and access presets within Photoshop in various places. Some common presets are available under the Presets menus for gradients, contours, patterns, etc. You can download free and paid presets online too.

Download preset files or libraries and place them in the designated Presets folder. In Photoshop, select the type of preset you want to use then choose Load Presets to access them. Click the preset thumbnail to apply it.

Yes! Once you have effect settings you like, click the menu icon in the options bar and choose Save Preset. Give it a name and it will be available in your user Presets library.

Use presets on adjustment layers rather than applying directly to image layers. This lets you modify or remove the preset effects later non-destructively.

Yes, you can download Photoshop presets for free or purchase premium preset packs online.

Yes, Photoshop provides some free preset packs for gradients, patterns, shapes, etc.

Some presets are designed for specific programs. Photoshop presets won't work in Lightroom and vice versa. Be sure to use program-specific presets.

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