Adobe Transparency Center

Harmful Content: Profanity

Policy goal

The goal of this policy is to limit the use of profanity to ensure users and communities can interact safely and appropriately, while providing creators with distinct venues to express their creativity and point of view. 

What is in violation

The type of language permitted varies depending on who is likely to see it. Profanity and obscene language are not permitted where content is available to the general public. For example, it could be a violation for a user to publish the following in certain areas: 

  • Expletives in a chat or comments section

  • Obscene language in the title or tag of an image or project that is published somewhere with no visibility controls 

  • Excessive swearing on a livestream


When content in violation of this policy is reported to us, we investigate and may implement specific controls (where available) or remove the content altogether. Repeated violations of this policy will result in a warning(s) and could lead to account suspension. 


This policy addresses the mere use of Profanity without any additional context or aggravating factors. Language or behavior that attacks an individual or group may also be evaluated under one of the following policies: 

Policy definitions


Socially offensive language, gestures, or actions that are considered profane, vulgar, or inappropriate and encompass the use of words or phrases that fall into the categories of religious, sexual, racial, and/or derogatory toward a minority or protected group