Adobe Transparency Center

Harmful Content 

Category goal

To limit content with the potential to have a negative impact on mental and physical health.

Creators from around the world use Adobe’s products and services to develop content and create a shared experience. We take pride in offering platforms where creators are able to openly express their creativity and point of view. Some behavior, language, and imagery may be restricted, when it has the potential to cause harm. These policies seek to ensure that all of our users and communities, including our younger users, can interact safely and appropriately.

This policy seeks to limit the use of profanity to ensure users and communities can interact safely and appropriately, while providing creators with distinct venues to express their creativity and point of view. 

The goal of this policy is to help prevent and eliminate harassment on Adobe’s products and services.

This policy seeks to limit the exposure of adult content to users who may be sensitive to such content, as well as to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

The goal of this policy is to limit the potential for offline harm that may result from the promotion of violence and gore. It is not intended to limit or restrict content creation but to ensure the quality of the content, and context is paramount.

The goal of this policy is to prevent the dissemination of self-harm (through the glorification or depiction of such behavior).

This policy seeks to address content that attacks or targets individuals or groups with derogatory or discriminatory language or imagery based on protected characteristics.

The goal of this policy is to keep children safe online.

The goal of this policy is to address content that promotes or incites the commission of terrorist or extremist violence on Adobe’s products and services.

The goal of this policy is to encourage safety and deter potentially harmful activities by not allowing the sale of regulated goods or services and limiting the promotion of regulated goods and services in Adobe communities and on Adobe forums. The promotion of goods and services is permitted to varying degrees depending on the extent of regulatory and legal requirements and possible sensitivities for users (primarily linked to age).