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What are Adobe’s Content Moderation Policies?

Our Vision

Adobe provides technology and solutions to empower everyone — from emerging artists to global brands — to bring digital creations to life and deliver immersive, compelling experiences. This page explains the high-level principles that guide us when determining whether certain content or behavior is acceptable within Adobe’s creative community and on Adobe platforms. These principles help us navigate complex content policy decisions and drive consistency in the development and enforcement of our Community Guidelines and standards.

Our Principles

Creative Expression

We believe that creativity can be a catalyst for positive, meaningful change. We value diversity of ideas, cultures, and perspectives and believe that community inspires creativity. We aim to foster an environment where users can express themselves through their art and creativity, in line with our principles of Safety and Authenticity and Equity. 

Safety and Authenticity

We believe that protecting our users and employees and maintaining a safe environment is critical to building and maintaining trust. We prohibit content and behavior that we determine to be hateful, harassing, harmful, spammy, or abusive.


We believe that everyone deserves respect, and we strive to create policies that are fair. Adobe does not discriminate based on race; ethnicity; nationality; religion; political affiliation; gender; sexuality; age; or mental, medical, or physical condition, and we expect our users to adhere to these same standards.


We strive to be transparent and to educate users about our content, Community Guidelines, and Terms of Use.


For information on how to report content, or if you believe a mistake has been made on the enforcement side, click here.

Community Guidelines

The Policies inform our Guidelines which are available by product:

These policies also inform our Generative AI Guidelines that apply to Adobe Firefly.