Adobe Transparency Center

Harmful Content: Regulated Goods and Services

Policy goal

The goal of this policy is to encourage safety and deter potentially harmful activities by not allowing the sale of regulated goods or services and limiting the promotion of regulated goods and services on Adobe communities and forums. The promotion of goods and services is permitted to varying degrees depending on the extent of regulatory and legal requirements and possible sensitivities for users (primarily linked to age).

What is in violation

Adobe does not generally allow the sale of goods or services on Adobe’s community platforms or forums. The promotion of some types of goods and services is allowed, provided the products are available for sale off our platform, are age-appropriate (based on the service’s primary audience and the service’s visibility setting options), and are subject to regulatory and legal requirements. Additionally, several jurisdictions have implemented laws about the sale, promotion, and/or transfer of certain goods and services.



Category 1 

(Most permissive category) 

Private storage and semi-private sharing

(1:1 sharing with consent) 

All legal content 

No sale, promotion, or transfer of any illegal goods or services (human blood or organs, endangered species, sexual services)

Category 2  

Minimum age of target audience: 18+ 

Visibility control options

Mature Content Wall, Safe Search, and Privacy Wall features available 


Promotion of legal goods and services for 18+ are permitted.

Not permitted:  

No sale or transfer of any goods or services. 

Content not permitted in Category 1 (see above) 

Exceptions apply. 

Category 3 

Minimum age of target audience: 13–17 

Public sharing  

No privacy features or visibility controls available 


No sale, promotion, or transfer of any of the products or services outlined under the Definitions section

Category 4 

Minimum age of target audience: K–12 

(Least permissive category) 

K-12 Directed offerings (Enterprise accounts) 


No sale, promotion, or transfer of any of the products or services outlined under the Definitions section

Policy definitions

Endangered species (wildlife and plants)

Any species of animal or plant that is seriously at risk of extinction as determined by the  IUCN

Hazardous goods and materials 

Any substances or materials that can pose an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce  (FAA definition) 

Historical artifacts 

Objects produced or shaped by human efforts; natural objects deliberately selected and used by humans, objects of aesthetic interest, and any human-made objects produced, used, or valued in historic cultures

Human blood and organs 

Human body fluid (blood) and group of tissues that perform a specific function (such as heart, kidneys, lungs, and so on)

Nonmedical drugs 

Highly addictive and illegal substances that affect how the brain works and cause changes in mood, awareness, thoughts, feelings, or behavior.  

The nonmedical use of pharmaceutical drugs, whether obtained by prescription or otherwise, other than in the manner, for the reasons, or for the time period prescribed, or by a person for whom the drug was not prescribed. For example: 


  • Stimulants 

  • Depressants  

  • Opium-related painkillers  

  • Hallucinogens 

Sexual services 

The offer of any form of sexual conduct including intercourse, penetration, or any touching of any person, by oneself or another, for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification, aggression, degradation, or other similar purpose



Distilled liquor, beer, malt beverage, and wine products

Bladed weapons 

Any article with a blade or point that has been sharpened to a point 

Explosives and fireworks 

Any chemical compound, mixture, or device, the primary or common purpose of which is to function by explosion (ATF definition) 


Any weapon (including a starter gun) that will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; the frame or receiver of any such weapon; any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; or any destructive device (ATF definition) 


Ammunition or cartridge cases, primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for use in any firearm (ATF definition) 

Live non-endangered animals

Domesticated and wild animals that are not considered endangered


The psychoactive dried resinous flower buds and leaves of the female hemp or cannabis plant that contain high levels of THC and are smoked, vaped, or ingested especially for their intoxicating effect

Pharmaceutical drugs 

Medicine used to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease that is generally prescribed by a physician

Real money gambling 

Accepting, recording, or registering bets, or carrying on a policy game or any other lottery, or playing any game of chance, for money or other things of value

Weight loss supplements 

Dietary supplements that claim to help in the process of weight loss

Tobacco products

Tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, cigarillos or small cigars, e-cigarettes, snus or tobacco pouches, tobacco strips, orbs or other dissolvables, bidis, kreteks or clove cigars, dhoka, and hookah or water pipes