Convert Word to HTML

Microsoft Word is the go-to option for many people wanting to write text documents. But when you try and translate that text onto a website or formatted email, it doesn’t always turn out right. 


One way to get around this problem is by converting your Word file to HTML first. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do just that. 

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Quick List: How to save a Word Doc as HTML


Saving a Word Doc as HTML is as simple as a few steps: 


  • First, open a document in Microsoft Word.
  • Then, click File > Save As.
  • In the drop-down menu, click Web Page. Your file will then save as HTML. 


However, simply saving a Word document as HTML code can leave you with a confusing tangle code and broken formatting left over from the programme. Converting it to a PDF first can help.



In detail: Converting a Word Document to HTML Step-by-Step.


Now, let’s take a closer look at the process. This can help you to understand each step and work more efficiently. 


1. First, turn your Word file into a PDF. You can do this quickly and easily using our online conversion tool. Just drag and drop your Word file into the converter and let it work its magic. Then, save it to your desktop. You may need to register an Adobe account to download your file - but this is quick, easy and free.


A picture of Adobe’s online Word-to-PDF conversion tool

2. Next, open the Adobe Acrobat app. Click File > Open and select your PDF from your desktop.

A picture of an open PDF document in the Adobe Acrobat app

3. Now it’s time to convert it to HTML. In the Adobe desktop app, select File >Export to >HTML Web Page. Do note, you’ll need an Acrobat Pro account to use this function. That’s it! Save down your file - you’re all done

A picture of a file open in Adobe Acrobat with Export to HTML Web Page option selected

There’s a huge array of useful things you can do with Adobe Acrobat’s online tools. But don’t just take our word for it - check it out for yourself! As well as converting Word to PDF, you can also convert PDF files to Word too and much, much more.


Benefits of Converting a Word Document to HTML Code. 


Converting your Word document to HTML code is super handy if you want to publish it online. Here are some of the benefits:


  • Supported by all browsers - by converting your Word document to clean HTML, you can be sure the text will display the way you want it to online. 
  • Search engine friendly - if you upload your content as HTML, Google and other search engine crawlers will find and index it quickly. This can help to make your content more visible to your audience. 
  • Simple to read and edit - HTML is relatively straightforward to understand and is also editable using simple Notepad editors.
  • Quick to download - HTML loads quickly on different web browsers and email platforms. This can speed up your website. 


Though HTML is widely supported on different web browsers, some elements may display differently for certain users. If you’re looking to display your document in a totally fixed format, it might be best to upload it as a PDF




How do I convert a Word doc to HTML with formatting?


If you convert your Word Doc to PDF, then you’ll maintain your original formatting. Once you convert your PDF to HTML, it’s worth double checking the formatting is correct. You can convert Word to HTML with formatting on Microsoft Word by selecting Save As > Web Page, filtered. You can also use programmes like Adobe Dreamweaver


Can I convert Word to HTML with images?


Generally, when you upload HTML to a website CMS or email manager, you upload images separately. This ensures that your image files display correctly on the page. Learn how to insert and edit images on Adobe Dreamweaver.


How do I convert a Google Doc to HTML?


It’s pretty straightforward to create HTML from your Google Doc. Just click Download > Web page (.html zipped) and save your zip file to your desktop. 



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