Generative AI Creative Productivity

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Generative AI is changing creative and marketing work in major ways — and you need to stay ahead of the game. 

Step fearlessly into the future equipped with the latest insights, ideas, and statistics to keep you and your team on top of the AI conversation. Learn how with AI, you can get back valuable time and mental resources, so you can focus on tasks and decisions that matter. 

In this eBook by Adobe in partnership with Edelman Data & Intelligence and Havas Play, discover:

  • What 450 professionals in differing roles across industries are saying about content demands, business creativity, and generative AI. 
  • How integrating generative AI into your workflows can lead to immediate and meaningful time and cost savings.
  • How generative AI can help optimise operational and creative processes for more efficient collaboration and teamwork. 

Read the eBook to find out how generative AI is shaking up the future of work.