Read the report: The 3D Trends Report 2023 

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In the dynamic and demanding field of design, 3D is an essential and constantly evolving tool for thriving businesses. The opportunity of using 3D in design is significant, fostering creativity, streamlining workflows and improving sustainability. Businesses using 3D in design are standing out and blazing a trail for others to follow.


Whether you’re looking for inspiration, wanting to drive innovation or build a use-case to justify increased use of 3D, this report is a guide for you to understand the role of 3D better.


This report, created in partnership with Havas Play, is our analysis of the current state of the business landscape and its opportunities within 3D design. The report includes input from 400 business and design professionals across Europe and expert insight from leaders within design.


The report includes:


1. The ways in which 3D design is changing - and how innovative businesses are leading the way

2. The industries embracing 3D to evolve and reach new levels of product design and consumer engagement - and the benefits they’re seeing

3. The drivers of change within 3D design - and the impact they’re having on the design world and beyond


Read the report and discover how businesses across a range of industries are using 3D in design, the benefits they’re experiencing and the ways in which business are being influenced by, and influencing, the use of 3D.