Read the report: The 3D Trends Report 2022

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The design world is an increasingly physical place.

Where objects were once drawn they now flow, bounce and burst. Edges that used to be flat now have crunch, squidge and sheen. As the gap between the real and the virtual grows ever smaller, 3D design presents one of the most exciting frontiers in visual culture.

Whether in gaming, product design, fashion or art, you’ll likely have noticed the rise of 3D design. We’re in an exciting moment, where the ambitions of creatives are riding a wave of groundbreaking technology. From the outside, though, it can be hard to find a way in. If you’re a creative approaching the world of 3D for the first time, you’re probably full of questions.

Within our 3D Trends Report, created by creative publisher It’s Nice That and Adobe Substance 3D, we hope to answer these possible questions. Surveying the length and breadth of work currently being created, we’ve identified a handful of trends we believe are leading the conversation, artists and ideas making waves in the world of 3D, and hints as to where the industry might be heading next.

Head into our report to discover current trends dominating visual creation, a case study of how 3D can be implemented in a cultural and commercial context, emerging trends to note, and discover how Adobe Substance 3D can elevate your future 3D work.

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